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New update for the FF 757 V2

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I understand that there is an option to update the 757 version 2 through the x updater option within the 757 folder structure.

However, as this is not available to me can you confirm if you will be updating the download links available through our accounts in the Aerosoft download shop?

Many thanks.

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Vermute meine version hat kein Update auf V2. Leider meine Version kann ich nicht starten.


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Hallo vinjukov,


we are in the english forum here.


Version 1 is not automatically updated to V2. V2 is a new payware.

Only those who bought version 2 get the updates for the V2 ...

If you own version 1 and want to buy V2 you will get a discount (upgrade service):


Für B757 Pro V2:

757 Pro Extended V2:


Greets Heinz


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