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Dimona featured failures


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Hello there!


I am a BIG fan of the Dimona of yours, for which I'd dream to add the maintenance/wear/failure features of the Katana4X.

I have already studied and worked on Ismail Hakki Güzel's Damage Mods (https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/10195/fsx-cessna-c208b-caravan-damage-mod/) and RealEngine , and I am planning to develop such a mod for the Dimona.


But at the same time, I do know (and enjoy) the failures highlighting my poor piloting skills.

In order not to mix native failures and the ones I could add, could anyone at Aerosoft (Joachim, if I am right?) list the failures included in the Dimona gauges?

The ones I've found so far are :

- Engine fails if RPM too high

- Engine fails if CHT too high

- Torn landing gear / blown tire if landing with full airbrake out


What am I missing here?


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Come on, guys! Don't be shy, and come forward! :lol:


Am I the only one who damages his beloved Dimona?

Adding a little system depth and have the pilot to fly and pay attention to the numbers would be a nice addition to this already nice little  plane IMO.

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