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Twin Otter Extended updated to 1.12

Mathijs Kok

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A new version of the Twin Otter has been uploaded. The only change is that it should now work 'out of the box' with P3d V3.x



1.00         Download release
1.01         Updates manuals
        Tooltips updated
        DME readout fixed
        GPS brightness reduced with 65%
        Possible Altimeter fix (we could not recreate)
1.02          Tundra included, livery manager included (internal release only)
1.03        AP fixes
        Engine start fix
        More GPS tweaks
1.03 HOTFIX 001    Incorrrect aircraft.cfg corrected
1.04        Added floater
        Minimum beta has been changed from 0 to 12° 
        Beta range lights will lit when below 9° 
        2D GPS popup added 
        Fuel gauges fixed 
        Transponder mode selector fixed 
        Fuel low annunciator lights fixed 
        Firebell also active now with failures and icing disabled 
        "Ready to Fly" code fixed 
        In-air restarts enabled 
        Set COM1/NAV1 radios in the GPS re-enabled 
        Livery manager updated 
        Manual updated
1.10        All 100 models included
        Small changes to clock and GPS
        Manuals updated
1.11        Tweaks to the contact points for the 100 floater
        installer works for P3d V2
1.12        Updated for P3D V3.x        

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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