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Useful PFPX additions

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A reminder of a couple of useful additions for PFPX shared by David aka 'Sharky' and Serge aka 'Serge75'


Files are available from the download section above:


  • PFPX RAD Restrictions and Directs ( AIRAC cycle based ) - directs are increasingly required with the expanding Europe FRA
  • PFPX Route Translator Spreadsheets - Converts the UK Standard Route Document and FAA preferred routes to useable routes for use within PFPX ( requires Excel )


Many thanks to both David and Serge for their valuable contribution.

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Got a question about the route converter spreadsheet.  I've used it (works great) but for some reason PFPX says that there are almost 3500 invalid routes.  They all seem to be "invalid waypoints" or "invalid airways".  I'm running the current AirAC.  Anyone else experiencing this?  Thanx!



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