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Does that mean that for ZUNZ not only the airport but also the various approach and departure waypoints and their altitude restrictions are included?


Is ZUNZ included for all platforms (PMDG, Aerosoft, CaptainSim...)?



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AFAIK ZUNZ is included as an airport only but without procedures. The reason for that is that either the procedures for ZUNZ are only published in the domestic AIP of China and LIDO does presently not have any customer for this airport, or that they are customized procedures, not available to the public but only for cutormers that have paid for these procedures. This is not uncommon also for other special places. The navdata specialists at LIDO would certainly know more detail about this case. Remember, the Domestic AIP of China is available only in Chinese, so translation might also be a certain problem. There are similar cases for the Russian Domestic AIP, but for this the LIDO navdata team has members who are fluent in Russian.

In both cases this means that the procedures are not publicly available and therfore not included in the standard AIRAC dataset but only in customized datasets. AFAIK the standard AIRAC dataset contains only airports and procedures of the internationally published AIP's but not of the domestic ones.

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