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How does Mega Airport Frankfurt v2.0 for FS9 sell?


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Good evening,


just out of interest:

While we FS9 users don't expect too much new add-ons for our venerable, but beloved simulator, we always are happy if there's actually a new release, especially if it is such a popular airport.

Now I'm interested how the FS9 version of EDDF v2.0 sold/sells?

(Of course I bought my copy...)


Many thanks

and best regards

Harald Geyer

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I don't think they'll share that kind of information, but I once heard that in general they sell 10 times more copies of the FSX/P3D version of a product than of the FS2004 version of the same product. I don't know how much offset there is on this particular one, but it gives you an indication.

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I will forward your thanks to the developers because to be perfectly honest, we did not advise this. I do fully understand them though, it's the FS2004 platform that made them what they are right now. And from a scenery point of view, FS2004 still makes a lot of sense. The FS2004 version of the scenery looks great, the FSX version does not add a lot. FS2004 was beaten because of the aircraft development where we needed the additional CPU cycles that only multicore support could bring.


We do know there are a LOT of FS2004 pilots, the issue is that they do not buy add-ons. We do not blame them, when FSX is ten years old, investing in a platform that is even older is not the best bet. While  it technically is a viable platform, commercially it is not.

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8 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

I will forward your thanks to the developers....

Please also add my thanks to the developer.  It is an amazing scenery that performs very, very well.   I don't doubt there are still a lot of FS9 pilots out there but I suspect very few, if any, new pilots so there is a relatively static pool of customers for new scenery.  And, most of the diehards like myself have invested heavily over the years so we have everything in the catalogue so no new sales of the older product.  We still love the platform and we are very grateful for every new FS9 product.  Surprisingly there have been a good number of new quality FS9 airports this year.  So please do pass on our appreciation.  



Greg Putz

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