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ADF Radio bugs?

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I was planning on making an Air Manager gauge for the ADF radio, since the Aerosoft one has non-standard functions and is nice to use if you have hardware buttons. Notably, it has a usable countdown timer that you can program with the FLT/ET button and SET/RST buttons. I set about figuring out all the states and Lvars, but I think I have discovered this is a very buggy gauge. I am thinking of abandoning the idea but wanted to check other folks' experiences in case I have it wrong. So...


(1) The first problem is if I press FLT/ET to switch to FLT mode and then FRQ to come back, pressing FLT/ET again copies the STBY frequency to active before it flips back to FLT mode. Now both frequencies are the same and that's an error.


(2) The second problem is that the countdown timer can sometimes go negative, so it never reaches zero. It seems impossible to recover from this and the countdown timer is forever unusable until I reload the aircraft. I think this happens if I set a countdown timer and then flip back to FRQ mode before the timer expires.


Do other people see these problems? I can fix (1) by pressing the FRQ button twice to flip-flop the frequencies and I have successfully automated this from Air Manager by writing the Mod_ADF_FRQ Lvar. I have not found a way to fix (2).

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