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Aerosoft Heathrow Extended Jetbridge question


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I have the Aerosoft Heathrow Extended for P3D.

But I noticed there aren't jetbridges for parking 121R / 119 / 117


I also checked the AFCAD file, and indeed, there are no jetbridges in the afcad.

But when I check google earth, there are 3 jetbridges on those parking spots.


Is there a newer AFCAD file for this available?

I searched the forum here and also avsim, but I only find a new afcad for this without jetbridges...

My version is 1.01 with the jetway patch.


Thx for helping

Heathrow jetbridges.jpg


Heathrow google.jpg

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maybe because T1 is mostly out of service and to be demolished/rebuild. (maybe GE is not that up to date)


I find your EGLL overview (2nd pic) a bit strange as there is no sign of the new T2 on it, also only one of the T5 satellites - that's not the current AS extended scenery but looks more like "V2".

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ok! - i checked my EGLL installation, there ARE jetways at that positions.


but the ground looks strange compared to my scenery (that "zigzag" texture on the apron)  - is it possible that you have the AFCAD's with AND without jetways both active ?


(other possible issue ist ORBX England - just disable all "EGLL" files in that scenery)


P.S. the current video on the AS website looks "different" ;-)

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