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PFPX hotfix 1.28.4

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When I try to Advanced Edit any flightplan, I can edit it via "Advanced" (adding 2 or 3 Via for instance), but after the edit the original flight plan is still there, all the Advanced Edits to the route don't stick.

I can use Find or Close, to try to complete the Advanced Edit dialog, it is the same. It did crash to desktop until recently when I found the 12.8.4 update, but I now just lose the Advanced route edits.


I am not expecting an individual reply, I post for FYI here because there seem to be some related questions and issues reported in this thread (and the Runtime thread) about Edit Route, and CTDs.

I have the indicated vc++ redistributables (v3) installations. Windows10 system. I have also completely reinstalled PFPX to try to circumvent this.


best wishes, Kabbers

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On 9/28/2016 at 1:54 PM, DayWalker said:

The following actions have helped:
1. Removal of PFPX.
2. Important. Removal of all "tails" of PFPX.
3. Removal "Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015".
4. Restart PC.
5. Installation "Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Update 3"
6. Restart PC.
7. Installation "PFPX 1.28". Important. Not to start PFPX.
8. Installation "Hotfix 1.28.4".

I just bought PFPX today and I couldn't add an aircraft from the Aircraft Template. This fix worked for me.

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1 hour ago, AndreNix said:

I'm trying to add a new aircraft based from the template and this problem occurs
Is someone having the same problem?



Why have you selected BIAS ?


All you need do is add a registration and save the aircraft.


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