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Annual poll on platform

Mathijs Kok

What is your standard simulator  

1727 members have voted

  1. 1. What is the flight simulator you mainly use (multiple answers possible)

    • FSX:SP2
    • FS2004
    • P3D V2
    • P3D V3
    • X-Plane 9
    • X-Plane 10
  2. 2. Do you think you will be switching platforms in the next 6 months?

    • Yes, to FSX
    • Yes, to P3D V3
    • Yes, to X-Plane 10
    • Yes to another Flight Simulator
    • Nope, happy as a clam with my current platform.
    • Yes to X-Plane 11

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This time of year we like to ask people what kind of Flight Simulator they use or what they think they will be using soon. As always there are three downloads availble for lucky people who will be picked at random in 10 days time.



Oh and feel free to make a comment. I can only pick from the people who entered if I see a post, lol.


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I am currently using FSX, P3D V2, and DCS. I definitively plan to abandon the first two and switch to another platform, but can't yet say which one I will choose.  X-Plane 11, Dovetails Games FS, Aerofly FS2 and newer versions of P3D are the candidates.

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Moved from FSX to P3Dv3 when v3 was released. Ever since i had absolutelely no OOMs and the simulator runs so much smoother than the FSX.
Very happy with my choice.

The only thing that bothers me is the missing AES because i invested a lot of money to get my credits and the next thing is that Düsseldorf is completelely useless at night since the lights aren't working properly and i do not want to use some lame standard lights which i have to implement by myself.

But all the released airports that are v3 compatible are very well programmed and very nice done!

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I switched to FSX:SE from FSX Acceleration mainly to test out the improvements in performance that were stated, and I have stuck with it.  I have also used P3D concurrently since P3D V2, and updated as the updates were released.  I prefer to use both platforms for two main reasons.  First, I can use addons that are not yet compatible with P3D, and second, I can set up different aircraft and scenery combinations on the two platforms, so I can easily switch between what I am flying and where I am flying it.  Obviously P3D V3 is a great improvement in performance and graphics, and especially with regard to VAS usage.


I also use DCS World regularly and Rise of Flight occasionally.



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My old computer just died, so I have just gone thru the trouble of re-installing FSX SP2 on a new rig, with a more powerful processor and lots of other hardware updates. And although it is of course superior to its predecessor, my new machine is not a dedicated gaming rig by any standard; merely a slightly-above-average priced PC.

Am happy to report that my FSX runs better than ever on this platform (I even use the new Frankfurt scenery without any OOMs), and as I have invested quite an amount in FSX add-ons over the years, I see absolutely no reason to migrate to another simulator. FSX still serves the purpose quite well, despite its age.

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1 hour ago, Mathijs Kok said:

For people who stayed on P3D V2, we like to know why as it is such a massive update.


I had some troubles with performance and re-installs through the various incarnations of P3D V2.X, but I ended with a clean P3D V2.5 install that runs very well and looks great on my PC.


When P3D V3 was released my reasoning was something like:


- As long as P3D isn’t 64 Bit developers will continue to support both FSX and P3D

- As long as they support FSX I won’t see many P3D exclusive features and new stuff will still work with P3D V2

- I now have a stable version that runs without problems, it will still work with new addons, I can simply enjoy it for two more years

- The next major version will most likely be 64 Bit, then they will break backwards compatibility and only then I can expect a significant leap beyond the capabilities of FSX


By now the next generation of all major flight sims seems to be to close to invest in a platform that will be outdated soon.

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Moved to P3D V3 from FSX SE a few months back. Best move I ever made. I did lose my PMDG 777 but I did buy the 737NGX after making the switch. I'll probably buy the T7 again but I have no immediate plans to do so. I recently moved to a new PC, and I didn't even bother installing FSX on yet. I probably won't either. P3D is performing pretty good most of the time. I do get the occasional crash but nothing I can't live with. I'm getting over 20 FPS most of the time which is pretty decent considering my PC isn't the best equipped. I know it I could tweak it to run a bit better but I just never got around to it.


So yeah, P3D V3 and no plans to change for the foreseeable future. The only thing that would tempt me is that if V4 was 64bit.

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1 hour ago, XP-Flieger said:


Will v11 be released in the next 6 Months? The second question makes the gossip factory working overtime. :lol:



That is being planned yes. And it looks damned good.

9 minutes ago, pmb said:

AeroflyFS2 is not an option...?


Not that it's my main simulator right now, but I think it has a lot of potential and I enjoy it very much.


Agreed, but as it marketshare among our customers is very low I did not give it it;'s own answer. 

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55 minutes ago, Jan Broe said:

Am happy to report that my FSX runs better than ever on this platform (I even use the new Frankfurt scenery without any OOMs), 


Keep in mind that hardware has nothing to do with OOM (assuming you had 4 GB of mem), it's all software that needs memory,

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After a new PC built, I'm quite happy with both FSX:SE and P3Dv3. I'm surprised myself by how much I'm using FSX:SE over P3D though. Mainly because of compatibility with old(er) scenery products and some utilities. If those are not an issue, I will select P3D over FSX for my flight though.

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