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Do read the system requirements before buying

Mathijs Kok

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We have seen a lot of people who did not read the system requirements before buying Fernbus and finding out it does not run smooth on their system.  we really urge people NOT to take a chance with the minimal hardware needed. Fernbus is a rather serious simulation and it does need some serious hardware.


Especially be careful if you use a laptop, While they might have a powerful CPU, these are often not able to run at full speed for a long time because they overheat. They then throttle down to much lower speeds. Only rather expensive laptops designed for gaming have the cooling needed to run high load on CPU and GPU for a sustained period!


Please note we do not refund when you have not read the hardware requirement. You can request a refund on STEAM in the first two hours of play though.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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