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Aircraft, male or female?


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Airplane comes from the greek word "αεροπλάνο" which is a neuter. So technically what you said is wrong.

Even in german i think that plane is a neuter (das Flugzeug).


I am not sure about the word aircraft.

But it comes from

Air (αηρ in Ancient Greek) and Craft (that comes from Middle English and is related with the word Kraft(power) in German too)

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

On 5/9/2016 at 0:49 PM, Emanuel Hagen said:

To keep it politically correct, it is simply a definition that planes are gramatically female.

Planes have one advantage over woman though:
If you do something wrong a plane will kill you quickly.
A woman will take her time.

From the other topic, I'm psychologist and I can say this is the best argument to say that planes are female :P

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