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MA Frankfurt v2: UTX Bridge in scenery


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I ran into a small aesthetic problem while using Mega Airport Frankfurt v2 alongside UTX Europe v2.

On the western taxiway bridge to runway 07L/25R, there's a UTX bridge still being shown.

See screenshots attached to this post.


Some info:

- Happens in both FSX:SE and P3Dv3

- EDDF is ABOVE UTX in scenery library (checked, double checked and triple checked this)

- Aesthetic only, no crash when driving through (only one test with crash detection on though, so not definitive)

- MA Frankfurt v2 latest version (2.08)


Has anyone else seen this? Is there a known fix for this? I've tried searching the forum, but nothing came up with the terms I used.




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Thanks for the input Otto.


I have all UTX airports deactivated, if that's what you mean.

Not sure if there's other ways you can turn of specific regional files in UTX.


I could of course turn of highway bridges in UTX, but in my opinion, that would be quite overkill, getting rid of all highway bridges in Europe just to solve this issue at EDDF.

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Alright, sorry for the late update. Just started a new job, so my focus has been away from FS...


The reply from the UTX team came down to the following: that bridge is one of tens of thousands placed around Europe by an automated process. It's weirdly placed, but it is just an autogen extrusion bridge.

A simple object exclusion should get rid of it.


I've been thinking of creating a bgl with just an exclude rectangle myself, but I'd have to look up how to do that, and as I said, my focus has to be at my new job for a while.


So the question remains, why doesn't MA EDDFv2 just exclude this bridge as well?

I understand the team behind MA EDDFv2 can't check compatibility with every other possible add-on out there, and I'm not asking them to. It's not a deal breaking issue for me either.

But I do find it weird that I'm the first to report this (as far as I've been able to find, at least).


If I ever get around to creating the exclusion myself, I'll share it here. If EDDF ever gets another update, I hope a fix is included in that update.


P.S. I've had input from other users that they see the same bridge in the same location, so not limited to my system.

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