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Fernbus Coach Bugs

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I don't know if it's okay to open this thread for reporting some bugs/issues with the coach simulator and if those problems are already on your 'fix list'. If so, feel free to close/delete this thread :D


I bought the game yesterday at Saturn, and after some test routes, I found some smaller issues:


- The road signs for maximum speed are different then the sign next to the map, i.e. the official road sign says 70 km/h and while driving 70 I get a message "You are driving to fast" and then I saw the speed limit next to the map says 50.

Also once I drove 100 like the speed limit indicator next to the map says, and then I was zapped on a radar control :huh:


- Also I noticed (as Mathijs already wrote in his post) strange behavior of the AI cars (Driving while having red traffic lights, jerky movements at traffic lights)


- Usage of a Speedlink gamepad is possible, but it would be helpful to change the sensitivity of the thumbsticks


A zoomable map or a map which automatic zoom out when the bus gets faster would be nice. It's often to late to change the lane to turn left or right.



On the other hand I must say the graphics and overall performance is really nice and I think there is a huge potential for this game.

Besides the upcoming features, written by Mathijs are looking very promising and I'm looking forward to them :)

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Your post is more than welcome. I copied these issues into our bug database. Thanks.


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Thank you Mathijs.


I hope I'm not picky or something, but I found some more things and want to share them.

Now that I got some more points in the game, I'm able to drive some longer routes and I have the MAN Coach C...


I noticed that the Coach C has rain drops on the windshield when it's rainy but the smaller MAN Coach hasn't.


And on my route from Sellin > Hamburg > Hannover the passengers asked, when there will be a break, which is a really nice feature. But unfortunately there wasn't any possibility to stop.

While my next regular stop at ZOB Hamburg I was checkin' in new guests and they were still asking me when there will be a break.

I stopped at the next gas station and on the hard shoulder :wacko: but it seems that they only accept a freeway service area with BUS parking.

Unfortunately I didn't found one on the whole way from Hamburg to Hannover :(

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Indeed it is a really nice game!


This is nearly as good as ETS, just that you are driving a bus instead of a Trailer :)


I also looked that the AI Cars are having small issues, they are driving in your lane even if you signal you are going left/right specially on the Autobahn, when you blink that you are changing lane the cars are still coming, and smashing right into me..This is one of the MOST major issues I do have. Even If I follow the speed limit, and blinking to change lane, the AI cars don`t care! Fix this!

Other thing I did see was that the car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road/autbahn, and when I am doing 90km/h it is no chance to stop the bus before the bus smash right on to the AI Car.


Also another issue I have had is that when you are driving over Fharphysik or what the english name on it is, it comes up a message that I am off road, even if you are driving in the streets.

Another thing I miss is AI buses as well, in Flixbus colours, so you can see the company buses driving around as well :)


And also one day I hope this game can get addons as another buses/companys that you drive for etc..


This game have TONS of potential, just fix the issues/bugs and I can guarantee it will be as great as ETS one day!

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Also something that can be added is the brakes..when you stop at a bustop to check in passengers, it should be counted as a brake..


I did have 1 stop more to do before I even could think of a brake.


Between Køln/Bonn and Frankfurt airport it is not one stop at all. And that is quite a long stretch, so I needed to go another way just to get a brake area..

If it was counted as a break when passengers where boarding/check in, as it is in real life, it should be alot more easier as well, so really hope this will be fixed when next update/patch is coming.


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