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All Non-DST Time Zones Incorrect

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I don't know Mike, it looks like TZ's not using DST are applying +1 that way rather than using UTC but I do not know from where the offsets are generated.


FlightsimSoft are looking at the issue.

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22 minutes ago, Ranbi2Delta said:

I can confirm that this issue still persists in the new version.


The dev has already posted the issue is identified and fixed for a hotfix/update two posts above yours.

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I've been playing around a little with the new version, and it is still displaying the +1 hour offset. When I created this particular flight yesterday, the +1 offset did not appear on the schedule/NOTAMs but when I re-released the flight today, it returned.






P. S. I'd also like to add that the airport is showing the correct time zone on the airport editor screen.




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I think I have a solution to the South Africa time issue. In the time zone .Dat file, change the time zone to Central African Time (CAT). do this for all the South African Airports FA prefix.

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