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AutoGate: Location of the Boarding Door (Aircraft)

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It often happens that in spite of a correct installation of the plugin Auto-Gate, the marshaller or the Guidance Docking System (GDS / Safedocks) will not work.
If you are taxiing your plane to the gate or to the marshaller, the animation does not work.
In most cases the problem is, the aircraft used has no coordinates for the "Boarding Door" given. So Auto-Gate cannot locate the correct position of the plane.

See also the ReadMe of the AutoGate Plugin.
However, the passenger door is the reference point for the Auto-Gate plugin. It must be able to detect the correct position of the aircraft.
This you can clean up quickly. Therefore the program Plane-Maker, which is located in the X-Plane 10 main folder, is used.
Here is a small guide on how to set the missing door coordinates in the plane with Plane-Maker 10.45 and 10.50.
That's easy to do...
The aircraft must be installed in the X-Plane 10 sim.  Please make a backup from your aircraft befor (may be something goes wrong ...).
As an example, I have used the standard machine P180 Avanti.
1. Start Plane-Maker. Double-click on the program in the X-Plane 10 main folder.
2. With the menu File - Open, load the avanti.acf file (the aircraft) into the Plane-Maker.

See picture. I have marked the door. The position you have to remember ...



3. By using the menu - standard - fuselage load the fuselage of the aircraft with all coordinates in the window.
Click on the "Top / Bottom" button. The position of the door I have marked. 
It is positioned about at the (about) 9th vertical line. The leftmost point at the top you have to count.



4. Now click on "Section" button.
Then you get the following picture. The white boxes corresponds to the lines in the previous image.
The 9th box is the 9th line from the picture in point 3. Here briefly click on the middle node. This is about the center of the door.
Don't move the point. Otherwise you change the profile of the fuselage !
If you clicked on the node, then its coordinates appear in the red marked fields.
These values you have to remember. Also minus values are possible !



5. Close the window above by clicking on the gray cross. With the Menu - Standard - Viewpoint open the Viewpoint window.
In the area red indicated enter the coordinates from point 4 (if there are only zeros = no viewpoint given).

PlaneMaker 10.45:



PlaneMaker 10.50:



6. Close the window again with the gray cross. Then with the Menu - File - Save you have to save the acf file.
Thus, the Auto-Gate Plugin can "see" the location of the boarding door and it should work.
Maybe you have to do a fine tuning to find the precise coordinates by trial and error with the simulator X-Plane 10.


Greets Heinz

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Here some values of the boarding door coordinates for some aircrafts (Aerosoft shop) without this coordinates given.

Values in feet (ft). At the time no finetuning done.

With this values you don't have to do step 3 and 4 from post 1. You only need the viewpoint window.


ATR-72-500 (McPhat) : Long = 5.59 / Lat = 4.85 / Vert = -0.25

Challenger 300 : Long = -16.00 / Lat = 3.90 / Vert = -0.04

CRJ-200 (JRollon) : Long = 11.41 / Lat = 4.55 / Vert = -0.04

C172SP (AirFoilLabs) : Long = 5.25 / Lat = 1.85 / Vert = -0.22

Carenado C90 : Long = 6.62 / Lat = 1.75 / Vert = 0.02 (Values from the user Chimo. Thanks),

Piper Cherokee 140 (vFlyteAir) : Long = -0.48 / Lat = 2.12 / Vert = 0.70

Carenado PA31-310 Navajo : Long = 4.49 / Lat = 2.26 / Vert = 1.29


Who have found values for other planes, please post them here in the format you see above.

Also better values for the given aircrafts are welcome...


Greets Heinz

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Hello Flyboy,


i think with the B777 you have to estimate the point.

If you speak about the second door (from the nose of the airplane) on the left side, the coordinates are about this values (i have estimated it):

Long: 54.50

Lat   : 10.00 (for the right side -10.00)

Vert  : -2.40


But final you have to test with autogate and may be change the values step by step ...


Greets Heinz




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