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Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg P3D unofficial missing buildings fix


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

This is a small unofficial fix I did just set up to solve the missing buildings of Berlin Brandenburg in P3Dv3.3.5.

Just paste the suiting attached file, depending on whether you have selected BER ON of OFF in the config manager into P3D\aerosoft\Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg\scenery

Make a backup of the file you are about to overwrite first!

Afterwards rename the AF2_EDDB.bgl in P3D/aerosoft/AFD from .bgl to .off.


Schönefeld only:


BER active:



Important: Please use only one of the two above files, depending on whether you have switched BER ON or OFF in the Config Manager. Never use both files at the same time!

Please note I did not do extensive testing of the files, but on a first glance they look good.
Not tested with AI traffic!


The files might work with P3Dv2.5 or not, I did not test them with Prepar3Dv2.


Please report any issues here. I can't promise if I'll be able to fix them though.

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Bravo Emi, it works fantastically! Finally I can start my trip in EDDB without switching to another airport first. AI-Traffic exists too.

Maybe one day the problem with the AS-Busses will be fixed that I can't load it stretched over two monitors. If I switch from windowed to full mode the sim hangs up; I have to make full mode with another plane first and in full mode I can choose the bus. It's the only plane with this behaviour and this lasts since P3D 3.x, very pity!

But EDDB is fine now:clapping_s:.



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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Great to hear BER works now (tell that a politician ;))!


Regarding the bus, I believe there was a usermod somewhere that dealt with that, but really not sure... anyway if you search a little I believe you may find something, but since that's offtopic let's not discuss it here.

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