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CityBus Simulator Munich randomly crashing to desktop


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Hi there,

I have been having a slight problem recently with my Munich Bus Simulator game. In general, the game runs really well on my PC, as mine easily meets all of the system requirements. The problem is that the game crashes at random points in time. It is not a big deal, because it only happens once every so often but I would still like a solution! I may just be driving and then all of a sudden the screen goes black and the dreaded error message appears in the middle of the screen which says 'CityBus Simulator Munich' has stopped working. You are then forced to click the X to exit the game or wait about a minute for the game to shut itself down. Why does this happen, it seems to work perfectly well on my system, but just crashes at random points? Is it something to do with the way I have the game's setting tuned? Please help here, I really enjoy playing this game and it is just so annoying when I have been playing for hours and it just randomly crashes!

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