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Twin Otter left engine does not start


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Hi guys, wondering if anyone can  help me I feel like I've tried everything from reinstalling the plane to resetting controls.


When I boot up my plane its cold and dark, when I work through the checklist everything turns green but the left engine never actually kicks in. It just hangs even though the checklist goes green.

I get the same problem when I set the plane to "ready to fly" scenario; right engine starts perfectly the left engine goes through the motions, flicking the ignition then pushing the fuel lever forward but the engine never catches.


I got a few great flights out of it then this started happening and I can't figure out why.


FSX:SE, latest plane 1.11 I tried installing the hotfixes I saw on the forums too and they didn't help.

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I investigated further with the FSUIPC logging. I think the issue is in my fseconomy client actually.


  517219 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66363 (0x0001033b), Param= 0 (0x00000000) TOGGLE_ALTERNATOR1


I get this error as soon as I activate "start flight" which shuts my engines down. I have been doing this out of habit not thinking there was an error but with the alternator switch already done, I am unable to start from cold and dark. I'll ask on the fseconomy forum. 

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