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Fabian Boulegue

Aerosoft - SIMstarter NG V1.10

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SIMstater wurde auf V1.10 aktualisiert 


[FEATURE]        CleanDesk        - Start and Stop Scripts implemented
[BUGFIX]        RunManager        - Fileoperation <delete DIR> did not allowed to select a directory.
[BUGFIX]        Profiles        - Using External scenery.cfg caused the GUI to crash.
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig MGR    - Using // at the ConfigSets cause the Program to crash.
[BUGFIX]        LiveryManager    - Show maximum 30 Liveries per aircraft
[BUGFIX]        CleanDesk        - Window resizing
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig MGR    - ASLAT wrong default value (only if you reset to default)
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig MGR    - "Autotrim" setting reversed
[BUGFIX]        SimConfig MGR    - "Enable Automixture" setting reversed
[BUGFIX]        GoogleEarth        - Pro Version not found
[BUGFIX]        Fileoperation    - Modify file operations did not work
[BUGFIX]        General            - SIMstarter NG CTD on startup
[BUGFIX]        Profiles        - Startposition does not show if saved flight is selected (caused strange starting position)
[BUGFIX]        Profiles        - ORBX New Zealand Region not found
[BUGFIX]        ASN Settings    - Configuration is saving "---" and empty values which can cause strange ASN behavior
[BUGFIX]        Startposition    - Bad characters causing dialog to crash
[BUGFIX]        DiffManager        - Does not assign to every selected ConfigSet
[BUGFIX]        SceneryManager    - Click "Cancel" save dialog cause it to crash
[BUGFIX]        Profiles        - UseSystemeTime reset if saved flight selected
[BUGFIX]        ActiveSkyNext    - Path settings for ASN-SE mismatch. ASN options are disabled in this case. (Only if you bought ASN inside Steam)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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