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Hi Guys, it's been a long time. I had a major computer crash which has kept me offline way too long. WOW, lot of changes on here ! Some I like and some I don't. Anyhoo, that's not what I'm posting about. 

Hey guess what peeps ! :)  The Antonov is landing in Australia on the 15th of this month and out of all the capitals, it's landing right here on my doorstep in Perth ! The most isolated city in the world lol. There are a lot of people coming from other parts of Australia as this may be its only visit. It will be here for about 3 days. They are expecting crowds of 50,000 plus ! :o  I'll be one of them lol.  There are only 3 viewing areas. One is a public viewing area where you have buckleys as it will be by ballot. (mostly media). :(  The International airport, limited space which they've opened up for this very special occasion. The last being a fenced area which would normally be out of bounds but can hold thousands of visitors and will be catered with food and public toilets. This is probably where I'll end up, unless my mate, who's a Federal Police at the airport can sneak me in to a better position lol. The hype is so high here that Perth is in a frenzy.   On the day, I'll try and get some pics with my tiny little cybershot camera but will also ask those I see with the better cameras to email me some pics so I can share with you guys and gals. Cheers for now from Aus. :)

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