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FSX too jerky when I fly Aerosoft Airbus A320

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Hello everybody,


When I use the Aerosoft Airbus A320, FSX is not at all smooth. It is very jerky.If I use other planes (like the planes that are already installed when I first installed FSX) I have no problem.I have a lot of trouble taxiing to the runway because of this problem. Also the autopilot takes me off course when I turn it on. For example, when I tried to fly from Innsbruck to Nice, the autopilot took me off course and crashed into a mountain. Another time I the plane climbed to 7,000 feet and nose-dived without any reason( I had not set anything to fail in the failures menu in FSX, and the autopilot was on when the plane nose-dived. By the way, the plane didn't stall.).Also, I can't install additional liveries. The livery manager just says that it was successfully installed and it doesn't appear in FSX. I don't know why I am having these problems. Please respond.


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