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Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

Fabian Boulegue

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You know, what I said yesterday in the post above here got me thinking and this has lead to an idea. It's not a request for a specific airport or plane or tool or something like that, it's beyond that. It's an idea for a new product line within Aerosoft.


The reason Fsoftware Bromma sells is because it's the only scenery for Bromma. The quality may not be the best and if it was delivered to Aerosoft for publication quality control would probably turn it down. It would not be good enough to be sold under the name of Aerosoft as the name of Aerosoft stands for top quality and such sceneries are just not that.


Now the idea is to make a "lite" product line. Products that do not meet the high Aerosoft quality demands, but still would sell. When a customer buys an Aerosoft Lite product they know not to expect top quality, but "something is better than nothing". At least they got the airport or aircraft in this product covered in FS. I got quite a number of these lower quality products myself, mostly because they're the only ones covering those specific airports.


It's a different business model than the current Aerosoft business model, but I think it could be a nice and profitable addition.

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23 hours ago, PatrickZ said:
23 hours ago, PatrickZ said:


Bromma is available by Fsoftware. Maybe not the best in the world, but at least it's something. But indeed, the Stockholm region can use some attention. There's a reason I got Skavsta and Vasteras on my wishlist.


Guess you mean Bromma2012fsx. I have that, its free. A new terminalbuilding and some other upgrades at Bromma are happening right now so a new payware- standard version of this city Airport that also fly some international flights would be great. 

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6 minutes ago, Galax17 said:

Guess you mean Bromma2012fsx. I have that, its free. A new terminalbuilding and some other upgrades at Bromma are happening right now so a new payware- standard version of this city Airport that also fly some international flights would be great. 


No, actually I mean this one:



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There once was a preview thread for Aerosoft Manchester, developed by I.D.S., but at a certain point something went wrong and it vanished. After that nothing was heard about it anymore.


Anyway, Gatwick and Manchester are both available by UK2000. Malta is a good one since the only sceneries for it are rather outdated.

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On 2-11-2016 at 4:58 PM, captain911 said:

Rhodes LGRP

Chania LGSA

Calgary CYYC

Beijing Capital ZBAA

New Delhi VIDP

Mumbai VABB

Shannon EINN

Malta LMML

Tel Aviv (updated) LLBG

Kiev Boryspil UKBB

Perth YPPH

Auckland NZAA

Cape town FACT

Johannesburg FAOR

Atlanta KATL



A lot of them are already available or known to be in development (some even by Aerosoft), but there are some good ones among them. Let's list them.


Rhodes is available by both Greek Airports Project and by Live in FSX, but both of them are pretty outdated so a new version would be welcome.

Chania is available in pretty good freeware and an even better freeware scenery is known to be in development.

Calgary is a bit hard to find, but there is a pretty good payware scenery for it as an expansion for SimAddons Halifax.

Beijing is known to be in development by A_A Sceneries.

Delhi is already available by ImagineSim.

Mumbai is already available by Thai Creation.

Shannon is available by Eiresim, but is outdated and not P3D compatible so a new version would be welcome.

Malta is already available by both Daniel Chircop and LivingFS, but both of them are pretty outdated so a new version would be welcome.

Tel Aviv was once known to be in development by Aerosoft, but the preview thread is gone and no information is available about it.

Kiev already has a pretty nice freeware scenery, but of course it can always be done better.

Perth is a good one, only several average freeware sceneries are available.

Auckland is a good one since there's no real quality available for it either.

Cape Town is available by NMG, but it's not the best quality in the world so a better version would be welcome.

Johannesburg is known to be in development by Aerosoft.

Atlanta is already available by ImagineSim.

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Hello, I was wondering if any of you on here are into creating repaints. If so, i was wondering if someone can create repaints for the 18th Aggressor Squadron of Eielson AFB for the following aircraft: F-16C 120-9-370 with an Arctic Flanker paint scheme of the wing commander's aircraft 86-0314 (354 FW); F-16 120-9-370 with a Blue Flanker paint scheme of the ops group commander's aircraft 86-0335 (354 OG); and lastly F-16C 120-9-370 with the Flogger paint scheme of the 11th Air force Commander's aircraft 86-0310 (11 AF). It would also be much appreciated if one of the wingtip missiles to be converted into one of the training pods that are typically carried by USAF Aggressor Aircraft. 





F-16 Aggressor 01.jpg


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Another update to my wishlist:




CYMX Montreal Mirabel
CYYR Goose Bay
CYXX Abbotsford




EBAW Antwerp
EBKT Kortrijk




EDDC Dresden
EDRZ Zweibrucken
EDSB Karlsruhe


United Kingdom


EGAE Derry




EHEH Eindhoven




EKEB Esbjerg
EKYT Aalborg




ENAL Alesund
ENHD Haugesund
ENML Molde




EPSY Olsztyn-Mazury




ESKN Stockholm Skavsta
ESMQ Kalmar
ESOK Karlstad
ESOW Stockholm Vasteras
ESSV Visby




EYKA Kaunas
EYPA Palanga


British Territory in the Indian Ocean


FJDG Diego Garcia




FMCH Moroni
FMCZ Dzaoudzi




FQBR Beira
FQIN Inhambane
FQPB Pemba
FQVL Vilankulo




GBYD Banjul




GGOV Bissau




GOGG Ziguinchor
GOGS Cap Skirring
GOOY Dakar


Cape Verde


GVBA Boa Vista
GVNP Praia
GVSV Sao Vicente




HEBA Alexandria




HHMS Massawa




HKMO Mombasa




HTMT Mtwara
HTPE Pemba
HTTG Tanga
HTZA Zanzibar


United States


KBWI Baltimore
KDAL Dallas Love Field
KHOU Houston Hobby
KHPN Westchester County
KIFP Bullhead Laughlin
KOAK Oakland
KPBI West Palm Beach
KPIE St. Petersburg-Clearwater
KPVD Providence
KSFB Orlando Sanford
KSWF Stewart




LBPD Plovdiv




LDRI Rijeka
LDZD Zadar




LECH Castellon




LFBT Tarbes
LFKF Figari
LFLS Grenoble
LFPB Paris Le Bourget
LFOK Chalons Vatry
LFRD St. Malo
LFRG Deauville
LFRN Rennes




LGBL Volos
LGHI Chios
LGKC Kithira
LGKL Kalamata
LGKP Karpathos
LGKV Kavala
LGMT Lesbos
LGPZ Preveza




LIMP Parma
LIPR Rimini
LIPY Ancona
LIRA Rome Ciampino




LKMT Ostrava




LLET Eilat
LLHA Haifa




LRCK Constanta
LRCL Cluj-Napoca
LRCV Craiova
LRTM Targu Mures
LRTR Timisoara
LRSB Sibiu




LSMD Dubendorf








LZTT Poprad




MM81 Isla Socorro
MMCE Ciudad del Carmen




MTCH Cap Haïtien


Saudi Arabia


OETF Ta'if




OIBK Kish Island




OJAI Amman


United Arab Emirates


OMDW Dubai World Center
OMSJ Sharjah




OYSQ Socotra




SBBE Belem
SBKP Viracopos-Campinas
SBSL Sao Luis




SVMC Maracaibo
SVMG Isla Margarita
SVVA Valencia


United States Virgin Islands


TISX St. Croix




VABB Mumbai
VOAT Agatti
VOPB Port Blair




VTBU Utapao
VTSB Surat Thani
VTSG Krabi
VTSR Ranong
VTSS Hat Yai
VTST Trang




VVCS Con Dao
VVNB Hanoi
VVPQ Phu Quoc
VVTS Ho Chi Minh City




VYDW Dawei
VYME Myeik




WIDD Hang Nadim




WMKJ Senai
WMKL Langkawi
WMKP Penang
WMSA Kuala Lumpur - Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah




UGKO Kutaisi




UKKK Kiev Zhulyany
UKOO Odessa




YPCC Cocos Island
YPXM Christmas Island




ZGSZ Shenzhen


French Southern Terrirories


Europa Island (this airport does not have an icao code)

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Good evening guys.

I would like to know if I send performance of the legacy 450 to someone could you be able to make an aircraft template for PFPX for me please. I know it's a hard work. I tried it and failed... I'm not really good with computers. Feel free to contact me and ask anything in exchange.


Best regards and wishes for end of this nice year.



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On 2016-05-06 at 3:34 PM, Mezot said:

-SCEL (Santiago,  i know it's for x-plane)

-SCCI (Punta Arenas)


I second this request. Santiago is the second busiest airport outside Brazil and Punta Arenas is the gateway to Patagonia.

Punta Arenas is also a good departure/arrival airport for those who intend to fly to/from Antarctica.

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On 7.12.2016 at 21:08, PatrickZ sagte:



UGKO Kutaisi


Nice to see someone else interested in Georgia (Although you seem to be interested in every airport that ever has existed :D )


I released an updated AFCAD for Kutaisi recently on flusiboard.de. And I will start to enhance it, after I visit the airport in February.

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now you,ve released BaliX (Fantastic Scenery) What's your next Project?

Also alot of people are waiting on a decent scenery for Johan Adolf Pengel Internetional 'SMJP' Surinam.
Surinam lays in South America right in between Guyanna and French Guyanna. there are also flights from EHAM to SMJP flown By: Surinam Airways, KLM and from April 2017 also by Tui Fly. there's only one Scenery of SMJP existing no But it's nowhere near the quality it's suppose to be.

Thank you for - eventually - considering this suggestion in the future!



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Some more addon scenery requests before 2017:D


British Overseas Territory 

Saint Helena Airport -FHSH



Sanya Phoenix International Airport -ZJSY

Xianyang International Airport -ZLXY



Fukuoka Airport -RJFF

Naha Airport -ROAH


North Korea

Pyongyang Sunan International Airport -ZKPY

Wonsan Kalma International Airport -ZKWS


Northern Mariana Islands

Yap International Airport -PGSN

Tinian International Airport -PGWT

Rota International Airport -PGRO



Roman Tmetuchl International Airport -PTRO

Peleliu Airfield - C23

Angaur Airstrip - FAA ID: ANG  (This airport doesn't have an ICAO registration)



Vladivostok International Airport -UHWW


South Korea

Daegu International Airport -RKTN



Lome-Tokoin International Airport -DXXX

United States

Grant County International Airport -KMWH










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I am curious about the A320 Freighter program (P2F) that Airbus currently has going. Will the freighter version make it's way into the A320/321 currently offered by Aerosoft, if so will it be an update to the software or an add-on?



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