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Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

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Hello I don't know who I'm talking to right now because I'm new but I really hope a member of Aerosoft staff listens to me. So it wasn't long ago that Airbus bought the CSeries aircraft from Bombardie

EDVK Kassel/Calden LEBB Bilbao Airbus A340(-300, -600, maybe -500) E-Jets (E170-E195) Please

Hello,   India too is a country which has been overlooked in scenery development. I would like to request for Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (VOBL). Please try to fulfill this r

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The scenery I'd love to see most is a new, up to date version of  Aerosofts Venice X scenery with good performance, a detailed city as In the original scenery and full p3d v3 compatibility. Although I can get the old one to work in P3d, performance is abysmal and somehow the texture maps on the buildings seem to have issues with p3ds rendering engine, at dusk they a way too bright and glow in a violet/pink hue. I also think that a modern Venice scenery would be a commercial success because of the beautiful and well known location, with lots of other high quality airports within short and medium distances

Thanks for considering, 




Oh, and +1 for Shannon, too.

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Nowadays, when a scenery is released by AS for FSX, it is compatible with P3D as well. But unfortunately lots of other sceneries produced earlier are FS2004 and FSX compatible, but not P3D compatible. I think AS should focus on bringing all their sceneries up to date with modern flight-sims. This is my only wish!



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On 7/27/2016 at 5:12 PM, ukplane1 said:

LFPB - Le Bourget - Paris/France


Busiest private jet airport not just in Europe but around the world and by a long mile.

Private Jet's with the right mods are getting better and better in the last 16 months many have came out , in the next 6 months a highly reputable company has up to 3 coming out including the XLS this would be a great time to start on this airport:) 


People above are asking for an update on commercial style airports there's 1000s of them... Be different be the first be the leader and create a stunning private jet airport, it will standout even Van Nuys doesn't have payware treatment so LFPB which is more accessible can freshen up the scene you can develop the your brand ( Aerosoft ) further : move it into the future ,move it into new waters you can own the private jet airport market and with the future  private jet releases by that company including their XLS WELL...............

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Sorry for the late response, guys. Gary is very unlikely to build a UK2000 version of EINN Shannon. He still has plenty of UK airports on his list (some of which I am just as desperate to have in P3D as Shannon) :) I think that this is prime Aerosoft territory, and I am betting that it would be rather popular with the flightsim community. Aerosoft will be at the Cosford 2016 FlightSim Show on October 8, so maybe I should ask them in person? ;) The EireSim version is nowhere near detailed enough for my requirements, and 9of course) it needs to blend with the PlayHorizon VFR Photographic Scenery Volume 10 Ireland West. A detailed rendition of the buildings and other landmark objects in the surrounding area would also be welcome. The setting is just too gorgeous to waste!

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

All already available buses (A318, A319, A320, A321) are compatible with fsx:se.


Actually I don't understand your comment "fsx:se doesn't get much out of the Airbus family" ... 


The upcoming A330 will be compatible as well. 



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i know but i mean i want to fly something a little bigger and im getting a little bored with the a320 family but i want to stick with the airbus family because the Boeing stuff is a little expensive and thanks for telling me that they have plans for adding it for fsx:se 

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Boeing doesn't have to be expensive, if you look at the Captain Sim products for example they offer good quality for a descent price. Saying you'd like something bigger they got either the 767 and 777 to offer and both of them are very good products. PS Every once in a while Captain Sim has got a "black friday sale" when they offer all of their products with a remarkable discount.

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Some aircraft addon suggestions this time for FSX/P3D





Airbus Helicopters

 EC 665 "Tiger"










580 (or earlier models of this aircraft like the 240,340 and 440)


Lockheed Martin

L-188 Electra

P-3 Orion








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18 hours ago, CheapCharlie said:

I would love to see a Boeing 757-200/300 package with the same systems depth level as the Aerosoft Bus.


Then maybe you should try the QualityWings 757. It's a little old, but still very good. QualityWings is an excellent developer, they currently got the 787 Dreamliner and the 737-300/400/500 in the pipeline and those are looking fantastic! In the meanwhile they even updated the 757 and the BAE-146 (their oldest product for FSX) a couple of times.


The other payware 757 out there is Captain Sim. Also a very good choice, but I think when it comes to system depth QualityWings is better.

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