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Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

Fabian Boulegue

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Am 27.12.2021 um 12:21 schrieb Gerard Salden:

Request for Mega Airport Frankfurt EDDF for MSFS ✈️


The Premium version is far from MAP quality. Very basic and lots of signs and groundmarkings near gates are missing to name a few….


Yes, I would absolutely love EDDF by aerosoft in MSFS. The "premium" version is, well,...let's not talk about that. I think the fact that there already is a version shouldn't hinder development of a better version. I believe there are 4 or 5 LFMN sceneries, ASOBO's handcrafted being one of them.
Feelthere just released their EDDF for MSFS and their quality is ... - let's not talk about that, either.

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Request for DSKY Boa Vista Airport (GVBA) in P3D V4/V5:
As there is already a good payware scenery for Boa Vista in MSFS, it would be nice to have the same scenery in P3D as well. I know that we already have the canary islands, but the cape verde islands are also very beautiful and definetely worth a try. Especially if you want to do longer holiday trips from Europe. 

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Hello I put below my airport wish list for MSFS in an area where no quality content has been created


Algeria :

  • DAAG Algiers Houari Boumediene International Airport 
  • DAOO Oran Ahmed Ben Bella International Airport
  • DAON Tlemcen Zenata Messali El Hadj International Airport
  • DABC Constantine Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport
  • DAAE Bejaia Soummam Abane Ramdane International Airport
  • DABB Annaba Rabah Bitat International Airport
  • DAAT Tamanrasset Aguenar Hadj Bey Akhamok National Airport 
  • DAOR Bechar Boudghene Ben Ali Lotfi National Airport
  • DAUH Hassi Messaoud Oued Irara–Krim Belkacem National Airport
  • DAOF Tindouf Commandant Ferradj National Airport
  • DAUO El Oued Guemar International Airport

Morrocco :

  • GMFO Oujda Angad International Airport
  • GMFF Fes Saïss International Airport
  • GMTT Tangier Ibn Battuta International Airport
  • GMMI Essaouira-Mogador International Airport


Tunisia :

  • DTTA Tunis Carthage International Airport
  • DTTJ Djerba Zarzis International Airport
  • DTMB Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport
  • DTNH Enfidha–Hammamet International Airport

Thank you very much


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I would really love a rendition of Braunschweigs Airport (EDVE). I know it is a small airport in Germany but I think it could be quite interesting because it is Germany's and I think Europes biggest research airport. Many of DLR's  (German aerospace center) airplanes are based there (like an A320/ a Falcon 2000x/ a Do 228/ a Cessna Caravan and a glider). Also the airport is often serviced by TUIs 737-800 or some coperate flights for VW (Wolfsburg is right next to the airport). As you might notice it is a small but very special airport and I would love if you'd decide to recreate it... pretty please 🙂 

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Having just flown back from vacation in Santorini yesterday, I would really love a good Aerosoft version of LGSR for MSFS :) While there is already a "passable" payware version for MSFS out there, it was published in Aug 2021 and is very far behind the status quo of the airport, with the terminal under construction (as well as many other shortcomings). As Aerosoft has shown love toward LGSR in past flightsim generations, I am very much hoping this tradition is upheld :) Thanks!

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This message was posted initially on the general forum but I got a suggestion to post it here instead:


I have the CRJs for MSFS and I also work at the birth place of these aircraft here in Canada. I told colleague engineers about them and showed them a couple of Youtube videos and they were really impressed. They asked me if the developers will create the Global 7500 / 8000 in the future.... So here I forward this wish to Aerosoft :)



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For train sim, Any chance of a Dutch or Belgian route? Its the same UK/German/US routes all the time.

There is a freeware AMS-ROT route but all the links are dead now for the 23 supporting files. Its never as good as AS/Dovetail etc can produce. Lots of Dutch train addons but no routes.

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There is three aircraft I would like to request for Microsoft flight simulator fs2020 which are three small aircraft I’d love to see


1) Cessna 408 SkyCourior passenger & cargo 


2) tecnam 2012 traveler 


3) do another crj update like how you did the 900 and 1000 but make it the

CRJ 100 and 200

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