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Boeing 767-300 ER Professional (X-Plane 10) Install Help


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I got the Boeing 767-300 ER Professional (X-Plane 10) yesterday (may 1st, off the org in the sale) i hope this is correct place to post this ?


I have 4 hdd's ....... only a single pc

C: 128gb ssd win10 pro x64 + odds n sods

D: 2TB 7200 spinner Data/X-Plane basic install

E: 250gb 7200 spinner Data

F: 500gb ssd X-Plane fully loaded with hd mesh scenery etc etc


I will try and get all the next bit right, i downloaded the plane and installed it on D: I had to update Navigraph which is still new to me so i finally figured that out, i got it running and had a quick flight


Then i copied the plane folder to my main x-plane folder on F:


I later tried to fly her off my main all scenery etc drive F: but i had to redo the verify thing, i chose manual option, i got a code and pasted it in, the plane worked fine in F:


Now, i have my original install on D: and a different code/pw or whatever the term is on my F:


Am i correct in thinking, i have to delete my initial install off my D: as i can only have 1 copy on my pc ?


It's only my second plane, i fell lucky and got the IXEG 737, then saw this 767 on offer :) got it recommended of a streaming session on twitch i watched on the ixeg 737 of all things (he said it was on offer so i got it the next day lol)


With SMP+RWC and now the IXEG 737 i can copy/paste those into both my drives and they are fine (well so far they are)


Really not sure where i stand with this second plane, i've used two slots/varifications up, i don't want to lose my plane hehe


Any help would be much appreciated


Many Thanks




Edit : it's now off my D: I'm redownloading a fresh x-plane for a clean start again (my x-plane i got december and i got the download version though it's not steam, so i could get flying fast hehe)










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  • Administrator

Hello Tony,


the B767 from FlightFactor uses a Key for the activation. You only can use it at one computer or one computer configuration as I know.


If the Key don't work (too many activations) you can open a FlightFactor ticket.

Only FlightFactor can reset the Key.



Greets Heinz

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Hello Heinz,


Thankyou for the reply


Ahh, so i will just keep it on my F: from now on, that's fine for me, i only use my D: for trying sceneries etc before adding to my main larger F:


Now i know i'll be fine, i just didn't want to lose it and have to wait for re-activation (think i would call it)


Many Thanks :)


You've set my mind at rest



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