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Cannot export to P3D Windows 10

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Ticket is opened and I have a confirmed ticket id.


BTW: Richard, the reason why you never got a response to your support request directly via the flightsimcom website was, that the support page didn't delivered it properly. I figured that myself last week. When you are on their website there is a "Support" link on the most right corner of the browser window. It opens another support form which then creates a ZenDesk ticket.

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On 4/30/2016 at 9:30 AM, Tom A320 said:

There hasn't been an update released yet which fixes this problem. In the meantime please use the workaround being described in this topic. 


I could not get it working.


I do not have P3Dv2 just P3D3.1


Is the workaround supposed to work if P3v2 is not installed on the hard drive?

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vor 5 Stunden , Tom A320 sagte:

Of course. Just select the P3Dv2 export, click on the "Browse" button and point the export to your Documents\P3Dv3 Files folder. 


Another option is to simple create a fsx or p3dv2 folder and select the export of the flight plan in it. Then you can select this folder in p3dv3 as well to import the flight plan.

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On 6.8.2016 at 15:20, srcooke sagte:

 As Tom has posted fixed for the next update, he has also posted a workaround in post 43.


I saw this post and this is a little fix for the export of a .pln flight plan for P3D but PMDGs flight plans have to be in .rte format thats why I wanted to mention that because this bug is maybe unknown.

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vor 13 Stunden , Tom A320 sagte:

There haven't been any reports of PMDG problems yet.

What exactly is not working? Are you getting an error message? 

If so, please provide a screenshot (.jpg or .png format, not .bmp) of it.


Hey @Tom A320 ,


sorry my mistake my Prepar3D v3 folder direction was wrong. What I learned: Don't believe in the standard settings :D 


Thank you for the fast response !

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