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"POTENTIAL" Screen Shot Contest Themes

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Hi Ed,
raindrops, mosquitos, ice or reflections on the windshield.


I personally don't like this very much in real life 😉 and I'm not keen to have it in the sim. But it might be nice in a screenshot.


' love your last screenshot in the competition. And Nilo4 is again hard to beat. On my screen his shot is a little bit too dark. On the other side this makes it very interesting. Like a black and white picture with only one colour (yellow/orange).


Have a nice start in the week


Edit: hope I was not unpolite with my words

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Just an idea for a future screenshot contest theme, and perhaps it has been done before; shadows.  Some of my favourite screenshots include impressive lighting and shadows, and our sims are now looking amazing since shadowing has become more prevalent and is appearing more realistic.








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I have SUPER AWESOME suggestion for next month screenshot contest, please.


How about DIRTEST Plane screenshot contest?


Whoever has most dirtest plane wins the screenshot contest.


It can be dirt details on the plane, jetway markings around the door, dirty tail, winter storm dirt, rain dirt on cockpit windows, and so on




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