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Ivato airport ? ***wish***


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Hi guys, I'm a big fan of Aerosoft product since a while now.


I just went to the preview forum and I've to say the screenshots of Tegel are outstanding hope Brussels will be of the same quality :D


I'm, also, hoping one of the dev will one day make a scenery of the Ivato airport (FMMI), Madagascar. A lot of company use this airport (like Air France, Air Mauritius, Turkish Airlines, ..). The default scenery is not accurate at all, there is a freeware on avsim, more accurate but still some issues when landing rwy 11 the hills just before the runway are to high.


It's just a wish but I hope it will maybe come true one day and I hope enjoy a landing with an Airbus 330 ;)


Thx for reading and keep up the good work !



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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