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Mega Airport Frankfurt V2

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Hallo zusammen,


es gibt Neuigkeiten rund um Frankfurt V2! Wir haben ein paar Bilder für euch geschossen, beachtet aber dass das immer noch Bilder aus der Beta sind. Viel Spaß!


(Die Bilder sind aus P3Dv3)




























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Ich zitiere hier mal Mathijs Beitrag aus dem englischen Teil des Forums. 

Bei Verständnisfragen helfe ich gerne bei der Übersetzung.


"Gents, we'll take your questions and will forward them to the project manager but as this is not an internal development we are depending on others for answers. The images you saw were of the first set of files we had. 


What is clear however is that EDDF is a super complex airport, very dense and our policy is that an airport like this should NOT eat up all resources of the sim in an attempt to be as detailed as can be. It should give room to detailed AI traffic, the highly complex aircraft that are in our future. In my mind an airport should only use 30% of the framerates. I much rather have 30 fps then 3d grass on an airport like this and 20 fps. I know not everybody agrees on this, but we sell tools, scenery and aircraft so we have a different view on this then a company that worked 3 years on an aircraft and feels it should be allowed to eat up most of the resources. Some aircraft developers of aircraft not yet released have stated that running their aircraft on a maxed out sim will not be feasible. I just did this screenshot and had an average FPS of 73 at serious settings. That makes me pretty happy. It means the developers of EDDF can add more stuff before release and it means this airport is future proof. And to be honest, I think it looks pretty good. That's a position where you can actually look at the scenery, when you are taxiing out you are doing checks etc and you tend to see far less of the field. 




Now in the past the topic about EDDF have gone a bit pear shaped (I never understood why and to be perfectly honest I do not care a lot). On the German market there are lot's of conflicting points of view and the fact Flightbeam was not able to get the permissions we got and dropped the project (I respect them a lot for that, to make a good looking scenery you need internet photo's, for a realistic scenery you need a photoshoot) did not help. In the end this will be just a product we'll offer and for you to decide to buy. If it is not for you you don't buy it. There will be many more images and YT video's around to assist you in that decision. 


However if you like to use our forums (that are part of our marketing) to speak badly of a product you have not seen in person before it is released be prepared to see your privileges here curtailed. If you got questions by all means send them, we'll try to answer them to to find the answers for you. If you like to vent something not welcome here there are dozens of forums that are not controlled by us. Just respect the fact that this preview forum is not a support forum but an advertisement means for us and we'll get along fine.


All off that said, I really like the current version of this airport!"




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