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Repaint request: Nordic Seaplanes

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Hope this is the correct forum for requests... :)


A new Twin Otter operated seaplane route is opening this March between my home city of Aarhus and Copenhagen. Can't wait to see and hear it in action.

I hope that someone would be interested in trying to do the livery for me, since I sadly have no idea how to do that myself.


The only thing I know right now, is that the registration of the airplane is OY-NSA. Try to Google that and Nordic Seaplanes, and you should find some images  - it's a white livery with a red wavy bottom.







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Thought I would bring you an update on this.


The route is now in operation and flying four round trips daily (working days only) between Aarhus and Copenhagen harbours. So far the reception seems to have been overwhelmingly positive. There is currently only one plane in operation, OY-NSA - an amphibian (floats & wheels) model DHC-6-300 with a retrofitted glass cockpit. Travel time is 50 minutes. The target group is businessmen in a hurry, so the fare is a bit expensive - about 250€ each way.


I went to see it depart and land in Aarhus harbour, which was a great experience (own picture attached). Hope to try it out myself some day.


Anyways, you can find lots of pictures and videos at their Facebook page, and a few at their company homepage.

Really hoping someone would be interested in creating a repaint for it? :-)


oy-nsa aarhus.jpg

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I may buy the aerosoft next month and the first thing i will do is make that livery cause that's pretty much why i want the airplane.

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Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.

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