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VC Lightning and V1 Callout

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I wanted to ask if there´s a way to get the VC Lightning like this in the first picture below, so just the instrument lights are illuminated and not the panellights (like in picture 2).

I see this night lightning quiet often on twitch streams and youtube, but i just cant figure out how to do that. I tried both options, DarkVC and BrightVC, in the configurator.exe but there is just a little different how bright it appears (obvious ;)).







The second question is about the A330 V1 Callout. There is already an open topic about it here:

But the download-link isn´t working for me. Is there a chance to re- activate this link?


I hope i did everything right in my first post here :)

Thank you in advance!

Greetings from Berlin

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Okay this is strange.. My config was set on "dark vc" all the time and I allways got the bright one...

After I tried again switching between bright and dark it works like it should. 

I realy dont know why it wasnt working before :o

Anyway this one is obviously solved.

The one question remaining is the V1 callout.

Thanks and greetings!

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Unless someone who is reading this here still have the file somewhere and is willing to share it again, there is unfortunately no way of getting that old link working again.

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Thanks for the reply!

Ah ok I thought it was an Aerosoft upload, but good to know.

Maybe I´m lucky and someone who got this file will read this :)

Thank you very much!


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can someone reupload this file please? I have the same issue, with bright VC-light, everything looks good (but to bright for my taste). When I switch to dark VC-light, I have no Panel lights. Thanks in advance.

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