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FYI: 2 new flight sims from Dovetail this year

Tom A320

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The screenshot of their DFS School looked pretty awesome. That said, a title like that won't be for me. What concerns me is DFS. They still haven't stated what they intend on doing, nor have they given any kind of inclination on how they plan to handle third-party content. Will they release a SDK? If they do, will they release it for free to everyone or will they require developer (charging $) licensing?


Other issues concern me as well. I'm not holding my breath for either though.




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1 hour ago, amahran said:

That's MS Flight though. 


I personally think DTG is going in the right direction based on what they're saying in the steam discussions. But that's just the optimistic me, don't judge!


Agreed. I'm keeping an open mind concerning the whole thing.

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