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Online in P3Dv3?


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I just bought this program and in single player all where perfect, but once I tried with a friend that has comulus also, we tried to connect via multiplayer session in P3Dv3.1. and as soon as we both tried to connect  cumulusX it changed from connect to disconnect continuously.. beeing to able to connect it. Do someone know if this can be solved? Is CumulusX compatible with P3Dv3.1?



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More information about this... 

Sometimes it seems that it is working in other network, IVAO but suddently starts to connect and disconnect...

Don't know if it has something to do with it, but I have seen that the file ThermalDescriptions.xml that is in the root folder of prepar3d and I rename it to .off, also is in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3

if I delete or rename it, then when loading again prepar3d generates it again.. Same file as the one I removed or renamed...... so I suppose we have a problem there as it always is generating again everytime is prepar3d loaded

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more info...

It has to be something related with multiplayer. Same results in me and my friend connecting multiplayer in P3Dv3 and IVAO.

Seens that when removed the ThermalDescription.xml ONCE P3Dv3 is loaded (so it don't create another one) my friend is having a more stable connection with CumulusX, but as soon as you move time to other moment, it changes to crazy.

In single player there is no problem changing date or hour... or reloading... but I believe the ThermalDescription is not the problem. Maybe FSUIPC? 

Don't know.

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Hi Japo32,


you know that CumulusX! was developed for FSX SP2 and ACC and is not supported for other platforms. Fortunately it has been working with P3D since quite a while and despite that LM still claim on their website P3D3v3 being backwards compatible with FSX, your report indicates that they possibly broke it and maybe they are the best contact to dig into it. It may well be, that other parties have also problems.

CumulusX! is designed to connect at ready message of FSX and disconnects and terminate if FSX quits. So it constantly disconnecting and reconnecting is not a behaviour that is part of CumulusX! design. It appears, that it has to do with the away they have implemented multiplayer mode. I do not have myself a P3D platform anyhow, so there is little I could do about it.


best regards,


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Thanks for the answer.


We found 2 ways of making it compatible in multiplayer.


1. FSCloud

2. FSHost


With FSCloud we have smooth movement and seems to be perfect but is is 11 seconds delay... don't know why.

With FSHost we have inmediate response of other pilot we are seeing but some little erratic movement (noise) in it. 


With both of them CumulusX don't disconnect and more or less a flight together can be made. Keep investigating.


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How do you get it to work in P3D v3 at all.  When I connect it keeps loading the terrain data over and over.

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