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A/THR problem at cruise & speed problem


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Dear Aerosoft & Others,


I have a problem with the A/THR at cruise, when the speed is slightly off target, maybe 1 - 5 kts, the auto throttle goes straight to full throttle, and when it is slightly above target 1 - 5 kts, it goes straight to idle and this happens constantly, and is really bugging me. Can you please help?

I also have a problem with the speed, when climbing in OP CLB today I was noticing the speed was being very unusual (it was increasing by about 10 knots then back down 10 knots) in one second, once I levelled off the speed went so high that the overspeed warning lit up. May I have some help on these two issues?



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  • Deputy Sheriffs

If you have the download version, you get the latest version from your reseller or, in case you bought it directly from Aerosoft, from your shop account.

But remember, Version 1.31 is only a full installer and therefore needs a complete new install, following this guide:


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