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Fuel required exceeds fuel capacity

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Good morning,


i have a little problem with PFPX when i try to plan long range flights with the A330.

Its not possible for me to compute any flight because i got the error " Fuel required exceeds fuel capacity ". But this isnt possible!

For tests, i set the fuel capacity to 9.999.999 kg, but there is still the error.





Problem only exist when planning with the A330/200/300.

1.23 installed.


Thank you!




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It could be the same Windows regional configuration issue as here http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/103400-embraer-110/.




As far as weights are concerned there are a large number of different Weight Variants offered by Airbus to meet different customer requirements, you should be able to modify in the Aircraft editor. Does a 333 have the range for FRA-LAX?


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