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FSX nose down effect on A330 Landing!


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I have a freeware A330-200 installed, however when in approach on the average glide path angle, I always have a pitch or nose down effect, no matter how heavy the plane is or how slow the airplane is. The real life one has no nose down effect when in approach, but like usual planes nose up with the corresponding reference speeds. I have looked for some alternative flightdynamics or models, but there isn't anyone that behaves realistic. So my question is, what parameters can I alter in the flightdynamics, to change this effect, without having a strange effect on the whole flightdynamics?

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

There is no such thing as just adjusting one or two parameters. What you're really dwevling into her is flight dynamics. You won't exactly need a slide rule (sadly not really used too much anymore) or an advanced degree to understand all the parameters, but get ready for some study, trial and error.  The parameters are likely located in the Aircraft's .AIR file, and if you Google it you can find an AIR File Editor... but remember what I said above.


Best of luck!


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