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Twin Otter Extended: Inside Out


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On 11/18/2016 at 1:33 PM, expire said:

This looks fascinating - I trust that you have good section on the damn Autopilot.  It is driving me mad.


Yes, the AP is covered. I can't claim it's comprehensive but it's as much as I know :)

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Hi Mark


Just to let you know I have read your book and found it very informative.  The Autopilot section was helpful - but I am pretty sure there is glitch on my set-up (Steam Edition).


Unfortunately the Aerosoft help desk gave the bare minimum response to a query that I raised so I am no further along.


Would you have thought that I need to install historic patches to the latest download V1.1.1? I wouldn't have thought so - what do you think?


All the best



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