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Antarctica: Flying the White Desert

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Vielen Dank, Ly. Ich werde es Steve gerne ausrichten. Er list hier übrigens auch mit, soweit er es in deutsch versteht. :)

Ich find's auch genial, dass Steve uns an seiner Reise teilhaben lässt. Leider kann ich ihm virtuell nicht folgen, da Südgeorgien und die südlichen Sandwich Inseln noch ein weisser Fleck auf der XP-Landkarte sind. Ich sage deshalb 'noch', weil maps2xplane kontinuierlich an der Vervollständigung der Subantarktischen Inseln arbeitet. Demnächst stehen Heard Island und die McDonald Islands vor ihrer Verwirklichung für X-Plane. Die sehen auch toll aus.


Viele Grüsse,

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Hallo miteinander,

Ich habe Neuigkeiten von Binky, unserem 'Verbindungsoffizier' an Bord der RRS Ernest Shackleton in Süd Georgien.

Mir scheint, dass eine Expedition in die Antarktis nicht nur ein aufregendes Abenteuer bedeutet sondern einfach auch viel Arbeit und tägliche Routine. Aber man findet auch Zeit zur Entspannung. Und die Reiseplanung ist wohl auch eher ein Glücksspiel, dessen Regeln von den Umweltbedingungen bestimmt werden.

Last week were around the corner of Bird Island because a storm was coming. It was too strong for more cargo works, so we came to Roseta Harbor for a few days break. But the bad news is our trip to Halley (Brunt Ice Shelf) is canceled. The ice in the south is not good. No ice in the sea means no natural ice harbor for us where the ships can go alongside.

Here is a photo of a 'calmer' day at Bird Island. The little boat is what we use to take the cargo ashore from the ship. She is called 'Tula'.


So we have now finished the past days our work at Bird Island and without having to go to Halley, we have an extra two weeks to 'play' around South Georgia. I cannot really say why we cannot go to Halley or where we visit here in South Georgia, because we have to be careful what we release to the 'public'. So I can only say the sea Ice around Halley gives the ship no place to moor up and so we cancel trying to get there. I think getting there is very easy, but it is the lack of sea Ice which is the problem. If this is caused to Global Warming, I cannot say. I am not a scientist, but for sure we don't normally have such clear water and lack of Ice around the Weddell Sea.

And what we do around South Georgia?


We cannot say if we go to an old whaling station because maybe it is not allowed to go there? But we did get to go ashore and look at the Wildlife in Bird Island yesterday when the cargo work was finally finished and we had lots of time to allow the new people onboard to go for a walk. It was fun.



In my photo, I am scratching my ear like the seal,.. only the seal stopped scratching just as someone took the shot of me. :-)



Vielen Dank, Binky, für deine aussergewöhnlichen Eindrücke aus Süd Georgien. Wir freuen uns bereits auf deinen nächsten Bericht und mehr schöne Bilder. Du weisst ja, Tiere und kleine Kinder sind immer sehr beliebt. :D


Bis zum nächsten Mal.

Gruss, Walti


Übrigens, hier kann man sich eine webcam auf der RRS Ernest Shackleton ansehen. Hat zwar nicht gerade viele frames, aber immerhin.

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Ein kurzes Update von Binky über ihre heutigen Aktivitäten.


Besseres Wetter heute, also hat sich die RRS Ernest Shackleton aufgemacht von Bird Island nach King Edward Point (aka KEP). KEP ist der Verwaltungssitz des britischen Überseegebietes Südgeorgien und die Südlichen Sandwichinseln und liegt auf einer Landzunge auf der Insel Südgeorgien.

Today is a beautiful day on the Beach of Bird Island and the weather is even getting better.

























Next photo is taken by a colleague at Bird Island before we came 'just around the corner' to King Edward Point.
























It is absolutely beautiful in the shelter of the bay with the old Whaling Station Grytviken just over the water. View from my office. Marvelous!





























Wiederum wunderschöne Bilder. Vielen Dank, Binky. Wenn ich mir diese Fotos anschaue, beneide ich dich nur noch mehr um deinen Job. :)


Und nur nochmals als Erinnerung. Zur virtuellen Antarktis für X-Plane geht's hier lang.

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Danke für die schönen Berichte... Es ist echt interessant zu lesen und sich die Bilder anzugucken. girlies_0197.gif

Freue mich auf die Fortsetzung.


Liebe Grüsse


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Danke Ly, das finde ich auch.

Und für einmal bin nicht ich der Regisseur sondern Binky. Das macht es auch für mich spannender. Um mal den Vergleich anzustellen, nach dem Motto 'Is it real or is it X-Plane?', sind Pedrovl und ich gestern mal Binky hinterher geflogen. Er in XP10.51 und ich in XP11.


So zeigt XP10 den Strand von Bird Island.


































Ein bisschen besser kommt Bird Island in XP11 weg. Nur der Strand sieht aus, als ob dort Baumstämme abtransportiert werden. 




Und das ist KEP, wo auf der Landspitze die Forschungsstation liegt und am gegenüberliegenden Ufer Grytviken. Gewassert bin ich nicht, da es in default XP dort nicht viel zu sehen gibt.



Hoffentlich bekommt XP in Süd Georgien von maps2xplane auch bald eine mesh-mässige Schönheitsoperation verpasst. Bis dahin geniesse ich ihre anderen Subantarktischen Inseln. Dort gibt es mehr zu sehen und das sieht natürlich auch noch schöner aus. Allerdings dachte ich, dass Binky und die RRS Shackleton vor KEP vor Anker liegen. :)


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Bereits gibt's wieder Neuigkeiten von Binky. Der Spass kommt auf einer Antarktis-Mission offenbar auch nicht zu kurz.


We arrived at King Edward Point and sat at my desk, I only have to raise my eyes a little to see the Grytviken Church and the old whaling station across the bay. I was ashore for the afternoon for a walk/ride around to the whaling station and to visit the church once again and have a play with the old bellow-operated organ!

And that's where I was yesterday.



I had a weather station that wasn't working anymore, so I finally got aloft to look at the thing and (short version) got it working. But it's a very long way to look down! It's about 30 metres up to the 'gods' !!!

Then I managed to run ashore in the afternoon and beat the cruiseship passengers to the Post Office. With a hundred punters coming ashore from the M/S Hanseatic (a German Vessel), I was happy to get to the front of the queue to get some mail away. (post card is on it's way.) However, you have to realise that the mail waits till next week when we return to KEP, pick up the mail, and transport it to the postal system in the Falklands !? ahha

I also had a go at bashing away on the pump-action organ in the church. I hope God doesn't object to Elton John played badly in a church???

Then it was time for the International Football match...




Shackleton United took on...


...the undisputed Champions of King Edward Point Rovers.



It was a pleasant enough day and along with the Hanseatic Cruise ship being in the bay and all the tourists looking on, it was a really good 'turn out' (I believe I even saw royalty amongst the fray when our Queen Elizabeth happened by). There were tactics, shouting, sprains, bruises, cuts and blood and eventually, an outcome:   Shackleton United 1 - KEP 5 Whoops !!!


It was followed later by a BBQ to finish the evening, but alas, I was far too cold having frozen my butt off under the shadow of Mount Hodges and I didn't have the excuse of running around like a thing demented to keep me warm!  So home for a hot shower, and even that didn't work,  so I climbed under a warm duvet ... and promptly fell asleep (I must be getting old).

We left KEP yesterday morning after a jolly day alongside this week. To begin with, it was the first decent day of weather we have really had since leaving the Falkland Islands. When the sun shines at Bird Island, it's usually because there's a blizzard blowing through which clears the clouds for a while, so sunny days we may have had, but still too blowy to go aloft.

Now it is back to Bird Island where the weather is wonderful. We stay her for the rest of February, but have one more call to make at King Edward Point (for a re-match???) and collect all the mail.

From Bird Island it will be 3 days back to the Falklands and Stanley (SFAL). I often fly SFAL to EGYP on the falklands in the BAS Twin Otter Model from RW Designs on the dot.org.

Hey btw, my friend and Gyro-modeller Jerry Scott, was flying around your Antarctic Scenery from Deception and was thrilled to find that Shackleton and his men were about to depart on their epic journey from ELEPHANT ISLAND ... Brilliant.

After the Falklands we go for a week alongside in Rothera and on the way back call in at Signy on the South Orkney Islands. Hopefully you can 'fly down' and join me there.
Rothera 21 maerz
Signy   29 maerz.
Then home to the Falklands again.


Lustig zu sehen, wie manche Menschen ihre Selbstachtung verlieren, sobald der Fussball sie in ihren Bann gezogen hat. :D


Erneut besten Dank, Binky, für die letzten Sportnachrichten aus Süd Georgien. Wir sind gespannt, wie das Rückspiel ausgeht.

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Hallo Freunde des fairen Sports,


Nach dem Fussballspiel von neulich scheinen einige Spieler einer etwas weniger schmerzhaften und rohe Freizeitbeschäftigung nachzugehen. Aber auch nur Wandern kann anstrengend sein. Aber in einer solchen Landschaft fällt jede Anstrengung leichter.


Binky hat wieder Bilder und Neuigkeiten geschickt. Man könnte sagen, unter erschwerten Bedingungen.


After KEP, we went back for one day to Bird Island to collect whatever we could from the Base and then we now travel to the Falkland Islands to offload and then collect the cargo for our next base, ...Rothera.

But the last days have been awful. The wind is coming from the West and it has made the seas VERY lumpy. When the Shackleton is blown from behind, she is relatively comfortable, like riding a surfboard.  But when the seas come from the front ... SEEKRANK !  I have not wanted to sit in front of my computer the last days and even now the spray comes over the front of the ship and right up to the conning tower.  I am asked 'why do I go to sea if I get seasick ? '. After 3-1/2 years at College I went to sea for the first time ever, and then it was TOO LATE. But luckily it is only for a few days and then we are all well and healthy for the next days ... so it is not so bad really.


Do you remember the last pictures I sent with the view across the bay of the Whaling station and the mountains behind?


Just before leaving KEP I got to finally go for a climb up the mountain. It is an 'easy climb', no Everest or Eiger, but you still have to be fit. It was the perfect weather and after 18 years of visiting the place I can now say I have climbed Mount Hodges.


And the view above is just stunning. It is like flying over the landscape in Xplane! (Anmerkung des Editiors: better than)




And by the way, I LOVE the sceneries that you and Pedrovl are showing on the website. Antarctica4XPlane and committed users as you really producing some nice stuff for Xplane and I cannot wait for Maps2XPlane to do those islands also.


When the ship stops moving so much I shall go back for some flying around the Falklands and I hope next month sometime to take a 'Round Robin' in a Britt-Norman Islander around the small strips of the Falkland Islands. If I do, you can get a full report with photos and you can do the same journey in Xplane again ! :o)


That's all for now.
Greetings from a stormy South Atlantic.


Was für eine Aussicht! Atemberaubend! Vielen Dank auch für diese tollen Bilder, Binky. Ich wünsche dir und deinen Kollegen eine ruhige Fahrt nach Rothera mit vielen guten Gelegenheiten für schöne Bilder.


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Obschon der Sommer in der Antarktis sich langsam seinem Ende zuneigt, haben Binky und die restliche Crew der RRS Shackleton noch einiges zu tun rund um die Antarktische Halbinsel. Leider ist dabei das Wetter nicht immer so sommerlich angenehm, wie wir es aus unseren Breitengraden gewohnt sind. Aber lest und seht selbst was Binky mir Neues berichtet hat.


Good Evening Folks,


Binky here in Deception Island. I wish I had my XPlane11 with me and the Antarctic scenery then I would go for a virtual flight around the place but instead I have to be happy to just look at it from the ship instead!


I was hoping to get the Drone airborn and fly the approach to the old gravel strip by the hanger, but I am afraid the weather has been too bad. To begin with we have just had a 4-day crossing of the Drake Passage from Stanley Falkland Islands to Deception and true-to-form, the seas were horrible. I was ‘seekrank’, Urghh !!


But it was nice to be in the calm of Deception once the vessel had sailed in through Neptune's Bellows.






Once we cleared the Bellows, we found we were not alone in there. We found an expedition ship ( funnily called 'Expedition' ) was already at the old British Base and had offloaded a lot of passengers who were having a good look around.



You can see the nose of the Expedition ship pointing towards the hanger that Cami has modelled in XPlane.



And although our Captain allowed some of the crew to go for a walk ashore and trek up to Neptune's Window, the weather was not the nicest for walking ashore, NOR for flying the Drone and I was also very busy with repairs on the ship this morning. I would have tried harder to go ashore myself, but I hear we should be coming back this way next week and with the promise of better weather, I hope to have a nicer day ashore next time.


After a brief visit to the Spanish and the Argentinean bases at the far end of the volcano, we then headed back towards the Bellows and out to a bouncy and windy sea!




Next stop will be Port Lockroy further down the Peninsula.


Happy Flying Folks.


Deception Island, Antarctica


Ich kann mich nur wiederholen, Binky. Tolle Bilder und Erlebnisse von deiner 'Traumkreuzfahrt' zum Weissen Kontinent. Ich freue mich schon darauf, Port Lockroy in Echt zu sehen und hoffentlich bei besserem Wetter. Die Bilder werden dann einfach viel schöner. :D


Bis dann und danke für den PIREP. Ich werde achtsam sein.



Und wenn ihr auch noch diesen Sommer eine Traumreise in die Antarktis unternehmen wollt, besucht einfach die Webseite von maps2xplane um alles Nötige zu finden und zu erfahren, was es dazu braucht. Aber auch noch viele andere tolle Dinge lassen sich dort entdecken, wie zum Beispiel Svalbard, eine weitere spektakuläre Gegend auf diesem Planeten.


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Noch keine Woche ist vorbei, da erreicht mich schon der nächste Funkspruch von Binky aus der Antarktis. An neuen Ufern mit der RRS Shackleton.


Hello Antarctic Flyboys.

I did try to call you all with a 'CQ' call on morse code, but maybe you all were not listening, or maybe I just did not hear your replies? I think the lack of electricity might also have had something to do with it???
So 'Diddly-dah-dit-dah' as we 'Funkers' say !




I think the last time I checked in, the vessel had made a very bumpy crossing of the Drake Passage from the Falkland Islands, and we sought shelter for an afternoon in Deception Island. That was good, even if it was bumpy when we sailed again out of the Neptune's bellows and headed South for our next call, Port Lockroy.

Port Lockroy was good for myself. I got to go ashore. I have been there about 12 times in my 20 years with the British Antarctic Service, but this was only the second time that I managed to set foot on this little island which has a 'living museum' that is Base A from the early years of the service. It is now only manned in the Summer season and by the time we arrived this week, the huts were all closed up for Winter and the summer personnel had gone home.



I got to get 'up close and personal' with some of the many many penguins who call Port Lockroy 'home' and although the base is closed, you can still go inside for a look around as long as you shake off the snow from your boots and secure the door after you leave again.




It was also nice to get back to the vessel and find my friend Walter in Germany had already 'flown' to Port Lockroy in XPlane using a BAS Twin Otter on Floats, Great fun. And the scenery is so exact it was like being back ashore again!






All too soon we had to jump back into the little boat and head back to the ship to continue an overnight sail down to our Southernmost Base on the Peninsula, ROTHERA. This is where you can fly into, because Rothera has a landing strip and a non-precision NDB ILS approach. And very necessary too.. because on the way down the most beautiful scenery in the world, we could see very little from the bridge of the ship. Visibility was about zero for the whole trip.  Sorry .. no pictures this time!  


We tied up and secured the Ernest Shackleton alongside the Biscoe Wharf at Rothera and had a very quiet night ( a very peaceful and STILL night) and all slept very very well onboard. In the morning the ship was ready to start the discharge of all the cargo we have for the base (38 containers in all) but we started very late because a snow storm came through and we could see nothing very much at all. But a visit to the bar at the base last night and saying hello to new colleagues was very nice indeed.




But the weather did improve. The sun tried to come out and we even saw some blue skies to the Southeast where we could finally see the mountains of the distant Antarctic Mainland. Cargo work alongside proceeded so much better in the nicer weather today. An highlight for myself was to hear the two remain Twin Otter Bas Aircraft on the VHF aero radio. I tuned into Rothera (118.10Mhz) earlier in the day but did not expect to hear any flying today. But with a good weather window, the last two T'wotters VP-FBB and VP-FBC were heard talking to the tower to request weathers and open their flight plan from Rothera to Punta Arenas in Chile.



The two other T'wotters had already departed long before we arrived and it is late in the season for these incredible aircraft to still be down here. And so I got to see these two planes start their long migration through South America, up through Central America, the USA and to Canada where they will undergo checks and servicing. They will have work to do up in the Arctic and Europe over the Northern Summer, so it was 'Auf Wiedersehen' to BB and BC as they departed flawlessly from a nicely groomed snowy runway 02, with very large Icebergs in the North Cove, Laubeuf Fjord.



The Shackleton will remain alongside here for several more days unloading cargo and collecting all the back-load of cargo from the Base, before we pull away and head North with some Base Personnel who will be following the Twin Otters, and going home.



Before then, I hope to be able to bring you pictures of the arrival at Rothera of the BAS Dash 7 aircraft which still has two more trips here from Punta Arenas before it too can start the long migration North later next month.


So from Rothera on Adelaide Island, 'Viele Grüsse' and salutations to you all.


Happy Flying and keep warm.



Erneut sind das tolle Bilder und interessante Schilderungen. Vielen Dank, Binky. Es wäre natürlich toll, wenn du die BAS Dash-7 vor die Linse bekommen würdest. Ich drück dir die Daumen.


Und wie immer an alle Interessierten, hier der Link zur Webseite von maps2xplane mit allem Wissenswerten zu Antarctica4XPlane und vielem Weiteren mehr.


Bis dann...


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Kürzlich ist ein neuer Wetterbericht von Binky bei mir eingetroffen.


The DASH 7 Aircraft was due into Rothera, Adelaide Island on the Tuesday.  But the weather said otherwise.  Not only must the weather be good for their arrival at Rothera, but the Weather at Punta Arenas must also be good for the whole duration of the flight. There is a PNR (Point of No Return) where the Dash7 (and the Twin Otters) will turn around and go back to Punta if the outcome of the flight is a 'no go'. So Punta Arenas also has to have a weather window. 

It was therefore the last evening alongside in Rothera when we saw the Dash fly in to the Runway 36. So instead of the Tuesday, it was the following Monday evening when I got to make a small movie of the Dash flying by the bow of the Shackleton for a perfect landing within 400mtrs of the 1000 meter runway available.



The following morning with some 'leavers' onboard, we said auf wiedersehen to Rothera and proceeded South to go around the bottom of Adelaide Island and go up the Western side to retrace our steps to Port Lockroy.  We would usually go directly North up the little channel called 'the Gullet', but after several days of that awful weather and northely winds, the Gullet was ram-packed full of Ice and the journey would have been hard work, even for a very capable Ice ship like the RRS Ernest Shackleton.

So we travelled north to Port Lockroy (see earlier report) and Deception.  The folks from Rothera got the chance to go ashore for a look at Port Lockroy, but the weather was not good.  The weather was even worse as we got to Decepton Island and so we passed right on by, so no photograhs, no flying the quadcopter, and no 'jollies' ashore.  Instead we sailed directly on to Signy Island to shut down our base there.


Signy used to be operated all the year around by the British Antarctic Survey and there was a program of Diving conducted there all the time (Tauchen). But some years ago, the Diving was removed to Rothera station and Signy became a Summer only base.  It still does some good work with Seals and Penguins and a variety of nesting birds, but the 6 to 8 scientist come home for the winter every year.  That is what we are doing here today.


There is no airstrip or helipad at this little Island just to the South of the Coronation Islands, but I am sure you could overfly it in an Helicopter from the nearby Argentinean base Orcadas, on Coronation Islands, or bring that longer-range float plane down from the Falklands? But whichever aircraft you choose to fly here, be careful.


I wanted to take a photo two days ago when we actually had a beautifully sunny day at Signy, but I was busy up a radar mast and missed my opportunity.  This morning's photographs show how your journey to Signy would have to be IFR and be careful because there are no radio navigation aids to help you and the terrain can rise quite quickly if you choose a sea-level cruise approach ?!  Hopefully the weather will improve as you approach because it can clear up quite quickly, but the low clouds still 'hug' the mountain tops.
Time again to play John Williams' theme music from Jurassic Park !


The Shackleton will start North again this afternoon for the 3 day voyage back to Stanley in the Falkland Islands (SFAL). I have no idea yet if anyone has made a 'lego-brick' airport for Xplane II, but I hope to publish my own custom airport for Mount Pleasant Airport (EGYP) and Stanley (SFAL) when I get back home next month. Then there will be a 'gateway' airport for you to fly your missions down to this Wonderful Continent of Antarctica.


Happy flying guys.

Binky, Signy


Grossartig! Plane Spotting auf Rothera! Einen cooleren Zeitvertrieb, im doppelten Sinne, kann ich mir nicht vorstellen. Einmal mehr vielen Dank Binky, dafür, dass du uns regelmässig mit schönen Bildern und den neuesten Neuigkeiten aus der Antarktis versorgst. :)


Gruss, Walti


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Hallo Freunde der Antarktis,


Während bei uns der Sommer Einzug hält, bereiten Binky und seine Crew-Mitglieder der RRS Ernest Shackleton ihren Abschied von einer zu Ende gehenden Antarktischen Sommer Saison vor. Aber als Abschluss dieses 'Missionsberichtes' hat mir Binky noch einmal tolle Bilder und Impressionen geschickt von seinem letzten Abenteuer für diese Saison.


Hi All,

So we are nearing the end of April which is late in the season in Antarctica. The seas will be icing over and the nights will be getting longer till in a few weeks there will be no sunrise at all at some of the Bases.

So what is the Ernest Shackleton still doing down South at this time of the year and also preparing to journey back down to Rothera station down the Peninsula this next month ???  It is late.

But for myself and the present crew of the Shackleton, it is already the end of our 2017/2018 Antarctic Season and we plan to go home this next week. We are all busy with last minute jobs before we hand the vessel over to the oncoming Crew, here in Port Stanley.

It has been good to share my adventures with you, but I decided to make one last trip that you could possibly fly with me on X-Plane. I managed to get a 'Round Robin'.




The Falkland Island Government Flying Service (FIGAS) runs regular flights across the islands and as such has many little strips out there in the 'camp'. Tourists, Sheep shearers, Local contractors, farmers, government officials and all manner of 'locals' take the short flights to get to their destinations. The 'Round Robin' is where there happens to be a spare seat (co-pilots' seat) available on the plane and opportunistic flyers can jump onboard for the round flight. Having completed a round robin several years ago, I knew it would be perfectly safe to request an appointment for a flight, and I was not disappointed.




Arriving by ship in Stanley on the Tuesday evening, I phoned immediately for a flight. The lady said the there was an opening for the following day at a 10.45 departure. I was lucky.

Taking a taxi from my work , I arrived in plenty of time for a chat to the employers and to take a few pictures for you. My vehicle today would be the Britten Norman BN-2B 'Islander' twin aircraft. 




I checked in at the terminal and soon got to jump in to the Co-pilots seat next to the pilot 'Dan'.




Wearing heasets to listen to the ATC calls and the intercom to barrage poor Dan with questions, we took off for our 'island hop' from Stanley (SFAL) to Port Howard (grass strip) to Saunders Island (gravel strip) to Hill Cove (somebody's garden ???) hahaha


Thereafter, Dan took us back to Stanley at 6500' (2200mtrs) altitude to make the most of the best of days on the Falklands.




Initially, with 6 passengers, the aircraft was flown about 500' (180m) above the treeless ground and dropped passengers off at the first two calls. On the second call the plane was empty and 1 person jumped in, and then the call at Hill Cove was simply to drop off some packages.




As always, the pictures do not do justice to the really wonderful flight and the very small places that these excellent little airplanes fly into, but you can see the 'international terminal' at Port Stanley, the 'international terminal' (Landrover) at Hill Cove,...



...and the departure over the coastline at Hill Cove also. 




Pictures of the Pilot Dan and myself in the co-pilot seat, on board of the Islander VP-FBR.






Now although I only have XPlane 9.7 onboard, I can actually join in the flying because I have the Falklands loaded on my computers and I have some self-built airports which I hope to update to Xplane 11 next month when I return home from the ship.


Happy flying, and watch out for those Crosswinds.


Stanley, Falkland Islands.


Lieber Binky,


Noch einmal, Vielen Dank für ganz tolle Bilder und eine unterhaltsame Geschichte. Es war mir ein Vergnügen und eine Ehre, während der vergangen Monate dich auf deiner Mission in die Weisse Wüste begleiten zu können. Hoffentlich können wir das einmal wiederholen. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute für die letzten Tage auf den Falklands und eine gemütliche und sichere Heimreise.


Liebe Grüsse, :)


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Da hast du Recht, Othello. Das war bestimmt ein toller Flug und bei dem Wetter. Mir gefällt besonders der Internationale Terminal in Hill Cove.


Übrigens, hat mir Binky noch einen letzten Gruss von den Falklands gesandt mit folgendem Original-Text:

"Vielen Danke das Ich teilnahmen konnen, und es war viel spass." 




Ich frage mich nur, wobei Binky wohl das grössere Handicap hat? Beim Golf oder bei den Deutschkenntnissen? :D


Sorry Steve, it was not meant in a bad way. ;) 

Cheerio, Walter

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Hallo miteinander,


Nach den realen Bildern und Reiseberichten von Binky, gibt es heute mal wieder etwas aus X-Plane. Nämlich mein brandneues Antarctica4XPlane-Video. Vor einer Stunde fertig gerendert und konvertiert und hier bereits im Netz. Und alles Nötige, Wissenswerte und die downloadlinks zu Antarctica4XPlane findet ihr, wie immer, auf der Seite von Maps2XPlane. Ich hoffe, ihr habt Spass.



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Very Nicely Flown, Walter.

Wie viel stunden fliegen muss Du machen fur nur ein video clip ???

Ich liebe zu sehen alles diese platze Ich habe besuchen fruehe !

At home.

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On 27.5.2018 at 20:24, binky sagte:

Very Nicely Flown, Walter.

Wie viel stunden fliegen muss Du machen fur nur ein video clip ???

Ich liebe zu sehen alles diese platze Ich habe besuchen fruehe !

At home.


Hi Binky, and thank you very much. But, did you have to tell me that you were already there? Now I am already jealous of you. :D Nice to read you and to see that you are arrived at home well.


Ein Flug dauert so lange, wie er halt dauert. Viel länger dauert das Aufnehmen der einzelnen Szenen und das Editieren der Aufnahmen nach dem Flug. Für dieses Video benötigte ich insgesamt etwa vier Tage, drei Nächte und ungefähr 4 Liter Kaffee. 


Cheers and till then

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