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Co pilot inaudible


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Hi this is my first thread on this forum so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong place. It's to do with the co pilot and checklists so I'm assuming it's the right place.

I downloaded the A320/A321 package about a week ago and after following many tutorials I can make a full flight from point A to point B in managed mode. I'm loving the software and really happy I spent the money on it.

However, I'm having serious problems hearing the co pilot's call outs. I often miss important things like "glide slope alive" meaning I could miss capturing it. Like I said I only downloaded it about a week ago so I'm sure I have the latest version. I have the volume up to 100% on the right MCDU. This problem is obviously a lot worse when engines are running at high speed like in mid air, as opposed to being on the ground.

I'm fairly sure I'm not the only person to have this problem but I can't find anything on google about it.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to your suggestions.


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  • Deputy Sheriffs


as I understood your problem is that the copilots volume is too low compared to the other "noises" you hear during the flight? I do not know which simulator you are using but maybe you should have a look into your simulator sound settings. I am using P3D v3.1 and have set the volume for  engines, cockpit and environment to 50% and for voices to 75% (please see screenshot attached). Maybe this helps.......





Sound Settings.jpg

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Hi Hanse,


Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry I forgot to specify, I'm using FSX. I can't remember what the FSX volume settings are like. I'm in work at the moment but I'll check it out later this evening. If your settings work (or something close to your settings). I'll update this thread with a screenshot of my settings, as it might help others. 

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