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do you use the latest AES (2.41) which should take care of SODE 1.3?


from the AES forum------


2016-03-23: Installer is replaced including all Fixes above and get a new AESHelp to fix the Issues with SODE 1.3.x detection

Please download and run the Installer 2.41 again to get the latest version.



and did you do a deinstall and afterward reInstall of the affected airports with their SODE 1.3x version?

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Gents, as many people have noticed there are issues with scenery that use SODE. In the change from the 1.21 version (that was the most current when products like Mega Airport Rome was released) to 1.3

Hi, with the release of Prepar3Dv4 a lot changed regarding the activation of SODE inside Prepar3D v3 and v4, because SODE 1.5.x now works different.For FSX and P3Dv2 it is still the old technique!

Hi, since there are still people with SODE problems, I thougt I will rework my troubleshooting guide for SODE to be compatible with FSX (FSX-SE should be similar). The P3Dv3 version can be found

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Vor 1 Stunde, Fred Pickering sagte:

you will have to tell me which file exactly you are looking for As I said SODE is working but AES cannot find or do any changes to this file but it exists





vor 11 Minuten, ugandaone sagte:

Any help appreciated must be others with same issue


Fixes for this issues here


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could you be so kind to indicate what is the fix.

I have the problem at least with AES(latest 2.42) and Valencia (latest 1.1)

The sceneries have installed 12bPilot Sode in Program files (X86) and in Programdata (EPWA and Rome by MK Studios), in Fsx (Sode) and in FsX>Simware>Valencia !!

What a confusion! Better said a chaos!

We are still waiting on clearing instructions .

There is a pdf by Sode called SODE// Filesystem Structure Overview V1.3 + but it's for developpers.


Aes 2.42 is still  not working . Maybe it would be wiser not to put unfinished products on the market. 

I would welcome any help







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Sorry, this is a big misconfuse. If you want to install Svolvaer + ORBX Global Vector + ORBX Global Base + ORBX FTX Norway Region, what do we need to do in terms of scenery order and other issues like SODE?




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Up until now I have disabled SODE all together to avoid issues but thought I would give it a fair chance now that hopefully some of the initial issues have been solved. I'm using P3Dv3.2.3.


First question I have is what of the below Aerosoft airports make use of SODE and what version of SODE they support?


- Heraklion

- Thessaloniki

- La Palma

- London Heathrow

- Mallorca

- Rome

- Split

- Svalbard

- Tromso

- Zurich


I know Rome is using SODE and I believe it supports version 1.3 but please correct me if I'm wrong. In order to have that one working with SODE do I need to do anything else but installing the scenery and making sure I use the latest installer found on my download page?

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From the airports you mentioned, I can only identify Rome that uses SODE. It supports recent v1.3.2.


No need to disable SODE alltogether. Even old v1.2 airports can be used with the current SODE version, then though without jetway functionality. And you would need to copy files. Not for everbody. But I think that most airports have been updated by now to v1.3. 

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On 11/12/2015 at 9:36 AM, Fabian Boulegue said:

Bonaire Flamingo Airport X

Hi! I just installed SODE 1.3.3. Is the airport above compatible with this version already? Do i have to download the installer again?



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please keep in mind, that this new feature of SODE will have to be included by scenery developers to be of use for you.


For existing sceneries nothing will happen (without an update of the scenery)

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One thing I don't like in SODE jetways: I noticed that all SODE jetways, at least in the sceneries I have (LIRF, EPWA, LEVC), when docking to the airplane (in my case 737 NGX, P3D v3.3) have the foremost part, that is the part that docks to the airplane, that disappears when seen from inside the virtual cockpit and you see pieces of inside the jetway and the background scenery, and the front part of the jetway is invisible, really a mess. This doesn’t happen with normal CTRL+J jetways and Aerosoft AES ones. Is it possible to improve the visual model of the jetway, so that it’s seen correctly from the VC? Thanks.

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