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Fabian Boulegue

How to update my Product

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With this post we want to help you to find out if a product is updated.
Where do I find updates?
And all other questions about updates from Aerosoft products.

Lets start with the part, how to find out if product is updated...

There are many ways to hear about an update, from our Forum, from Friends, from other Forums etc. etc. but right now we are working on some stuff to make it easier to check for you what updates have been released (we are still working on this stuff so dont see it as final).

Aerosoft - Updates and New Releases News Page 
Here (for now) you find a simple list with all our updates, sorted from new updates to past updates, mostly you will find a link to the product page

Aerosoft - New Releases and Updates Forum
Here you find update informations, each update gets a thread with Changelogs (if possible).


...but where do i find the update?...

We often hear questions like:

Where do i find my update for <Product>?
How do i update my <Product>?

For updating your product, we should first ask "What kind of product you own? Where did you buy it?

What kind of product you own?
Where did you buy it?

[Case 1]
Box Product
Aerosoft, Retail, other Shops

If you own a box product, you simply can jump to our update database and download the latest version from there. Be aware some products require your serial to download the update. 
After several downloads the key gets locked, if this happens you'll get a warning that says "Wrong Key". In this case please contact us in our support center and create a ticket.

[Case 2]
Download Product

If you own a download product that you directly bought from us at Aerosoft, you simply have to relog into your download shop account and redownload the latest version again.
You'll simply redownload the "same" again, but you'll get the latest version.

[Case 3]
Download Product
Retailer (Simmarket, etc)

If you own a download product that you bought somewhere else, so not from us directly. So for example at simMarket you have to visit their page again and redownload the file that you bought.
Some retailer might be a bit slower offering the update, but all get it as soon as we release it.
So if your retailer does not have the update yet, please contact them directly.
If you run into problems downloading the update from a retailer, there is nothing we can do. Please contact their support and they will surely be able to help you to get the latest version as soon as possible.

Download/Box with Steam Key
Bought anywhere

If you own a product that needed to be activated in steam (see the manual of your product), there is nothing to do from your side.
Steam automatically downloads the latest update.


...wait! I have still some more questions about updates.

In this case, please feel free to post them here.

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