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ASN white hand icon?

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Hello, I have the latest version of PFPX, I use it for the NGX.  Last time I used it I set it up to use ASN weather and it worked fine, took me a while to direct it to the correct path but when I did I got a green check mark.

Tonight however, all I see is a white hand icon on the bottom and no weather.  Online runs out next month and it does give a green check mark.

I looked in the manual and couldn't find anything that mentions what the hand icon means.

How do I get it to recognize ASN?

Path - C:Users\Jetline\AppData\Roaming\Hifi\ASNFSX\Weather.

Thank you.

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12 hours ago, Tom A320 said:

Please report back if you get it working that way again. 

Hi Tom and thanks, I finally have had a chance to do as you requested.

Here's the results:

When I click on the hand icon I get a pop-up menu with:



Save which is grayed out

Hand icon Active Sky (AS) 

Red X

Gear Setup

I cannot get any weather when I click on the Toggle Wind, the Now and Play buttons are grayed out.

I still have a month left of the online weather and when I select it I get a green check and I can access the Now and Play in Toggle Winds.

And scrooke, I'm sorry to disagree with you but I am 100% positive that the first time I tried it with ASN I got a green check and I had good weather.


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  • Aerosoft

Well, I can only confirm what Stephen (scrooke) said, once you switch from online to ASN weather you will get the hand symbol.





If you saw the green check mark I am sure you haven't switch to ASN weather.

Is it possible that you just configured it (setting the folder correctly) but didn't switched to it in the configuration window?

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I don't understand what you mean.

I switched to it in the configuration window, I put a dot in the spot where it says ASN.  The folder is correct, has to be as it would give an error, I tested it.

I just am not receiving ASN, I have tried everything.  Online works but ASN does not.

Any idea why?  I have the latest version of PFPF and ASN and Simconnect and ASN works perfectly in FSX.

So for some reason PFPX isn't seeing it because FSX does.

I hope I can get this resolved.  And thank you for your help.

And I'm sorry I doubted you Mr. Cooke, it was my mistake.


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  • Aerosoft

That's something totally different and can't be compared.

ASN injects the weather via SimConnect directly into FSX, while in the case of PFPX the weather is written into a text file by ASN and PFPX reads it from there.

Are you starting ASN first, waiting for it to tell "Waiting for Simulator" and then start PFPX?

I can only tell, that for me the ASN weather works in PFPX.



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Right, I just started ASN and it says waiting for the simulator.

Then I ran PFPX, I waited and waited and still no weather from ASN.

I'm really baffled.

I will look at historic mode, but I doubt it is because I never mess with it.  I don't even know how to put it in historic mode but I will look now.

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  • Aerosoft
4 minutes ago, PaulHiggC72014 said:

That's what I really want to do but can't for some reason.

ASN just provides the weather for one moment in time (either the current one or an historic one).

By using online weather PFPX has access to the weather history (which is not kept by PFPX itself but on the weather server).

So without having access to all weather information it can't play the "weather movie". 

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