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Bert Laverman

Airbus 318/319/320/321 SDK questions

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  1. I see in the FAQ (dated august 2014) that work is being done on the SDK, but nothing on it being finished?
  2. The download link for the Airbus X extended SDK is broken (or at least over-protected), people are referred to an Excel file containing "Lvars". Is the example gauge source code also available?
  3. What is the use of the "A31X_32X_LVars.cfg" file in the "Airbus_Fallback" folder? Is this for reference?
  4. The Configurator allows you to enable a Web Server. Is the screen also accessible as a Read-only Lvar?
  5. Is the source code of that Web Server available?
  6. Has someone built something that mimics the behavior of the PMDG SDK, i.e. broadcast all variables as a client data block? Lvars are basically not accessible through SimConnect unless you build a dummy gauge to pass them into a client data block or tightly integrate into something like FSUIPC.


Bert Laverman

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