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Dimona Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge View

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First of all I like to say I own all of your FSX planes (bar the Robin but that's on my list of planers to get!) and absolutely love them, especially the Dimona. Thank for you the fantastic aeroplanes!

However in the Dimona the GPS unit completely obscures the view of the Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge and you can't read it since the bracket that the GPS swivels on is in the way. I don't have trackIR unfortunately or EZdok, and there is no right seat view available in the plane.

Any ideas on how I can read the gauge?



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Hi Kimril,

thanks for the kind words :-)

Try the following keycombination: ctrl, shift, enter (moves the viewpoint to the right) ctrl, shift, backspace (moves it left)


Bests, Joachim

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