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  1. Changes: v0.12.7 — Alpha 12.7 (December 8, 2021) Improvements: Manage Simulators: If the Library does not automatically detect a user’s installed simulators or if they have multiple installations of the same simulator and want to use a specific one, they can now add or edit the simulator manually in Settings > Manage Simulators.
  2. Changelog: v0.12.5 — Alpha 12.5 (November 19, 2021) [Windows only] Bug fixes: Library: Fixed Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 11 not being detected if they are installed in a non-administrator user account on Windows.
  3. Airport Split XP AS15268 New version: 1.10 New file name: AS_AIRPORT-SPLIT_XP11_V110.zip New file size: 2.3 GB Version 1.10: - Included road networks in airport layer - Fixed missing ground poly at low rendering settings
  4. Check out this document for an explanation OnAir_Regular_Routes_Quick_Reference_Rev_2.pdf
  5. Ben Gurion International Airport (IATA: TLV, ICAO: LLBG) (commonly known by its Hebrew acronym as Natbag) is the largest airport in Israel. It is said to be the world's most secure airport. The original layout of the airfield as designed in the 1930s included four intersecting 800 m runways. However, none of this original layout is visible nowadays since as usage increased and aircraft types and needs changed over the years various runways on the airport's premises were built and removed. The scenery of Ben Gurion Airport offers accurate depictions of the terminals 1 and 3 as well as dynamic lighting and high-resolution, photorealistic ground texture. Features: Accurate Terminal 3 and the old Terminal 1 buildings, Concourse, hangars, towers, and airport layout Dynamic Lighting Detailed animated jetway models (using SAM plug-in) Detailed ground markings High resolution (7cm-30cm pixel) photoreal ground textures Thousands of accurate hand-placed autogen objects Fully optimized for smooth simulation experience Note: The X-Plane Default AI Traffic is not supported. Furthermore, the scenery is a direct conversion of the P3D version.
  6. Kassel-Calden Airport is a relatively young commercial airport that was opened on April 4, 2013, located approx. 13.5 km northwest of the city of Kassel. Since January 2015, the airport has referred itself as “Kassel Airport”. The airport has a CAT IIIb system on the main approach direction 27 and a CAT I system on the secondary direction 09. Landing with an airliner is particularly challenging on runway 09 due to the inclined runway. Thanks to the technology available in X-Plane 11, this distinctive inclination could also be implemented in the simulator. The surrounding mesh was also adapted together with Maps2Xplane in order to be in no way inferior to the original. Features: Detailed replica of the airport of Kassel-Calden Custom colored orthophoto for the airport Custom Mesh by Maps2Xplane incl. Ortho4XP patch PBR ground textures Realistic HDR lighting HD handplaced vegetation Adapted roads and autogen Custom AirportVehicles Custom animated approach lights Custom static aircrafts Full SAM compatibility Marshaller Seasons
  7. Airport Berlin Brandenburg V2 XP New version: 2.01 Changelog: • Fixed several objects not visible when using low world objects settings • added missing VDGS configs • added ground power to jetways at BER terminal
  8. Fly to Croatia’s capital with Airport Zagreb for X-Plane 11. This highly detailed scenery brings you to Zagreb Airport, named Franjo Tuđman”after Croatia’s first president. Airport Zagreb comes with all airport buildings and facilities, detailed terminals, and the complete military area of LDZA. Immerse yourself in this location that fits seamlessly into the X-Plane 11 environment and features seasonal variations. Lots of little details around the airport are animated, e.g. the windsocks, flash lights, apron traffic, and jetways. In the distance, you can spot the TV tower on the hill Sljeme and the ruins of the medieval fortified town Medvedgrad. Features: "Franjo Tuđman Airport" (LDZA) with all the buildings and service facilities, translucent detailed new terminal buildings with interior designs, complete military area with hangars and buildings as well as TV tower "Sljeme" and old ruins of "Medvedgrad" are included Custom orthophoto covers airport and surroundings Detailed ground markings based on recent charts of parking stands and new taxiway layouts including recent changes of taxiway layout Custom taxiway signage Custom HDR lighting Complete PBR + normal texturing of all objects and ground Most models and textures based on photos taken at the airport Custom static aircraft and vehicles Customized road networks and autogen Including patch for optimized X-Europe integration Full SAM compatibility (SAM Plugin required) Custom animated jetways Custom VDGS system Animated radars Custom AirportVehicles textures All seasons implemented Custom FollowMe vehicle
  9. Being infamous for its construction delays, the German capital's new (and now only) airport is finally open and available for X-Plane 11! This extension covers the new Airport Berlin Brandenburg as well as the former Berlin Schönefeld Airport. Fly government personnel and guests to the new reception area with its own terminal and apron, fly tourists on sightseeing flights over the not-too-distant city center or simply carry freight and/or passengers from one of many terminals, including the re-branded Terminal 5 (formerly SXF) and BER Terminal 1 and 2 as well as the freight apron. Being in the center of Europe, BER offers you innumerable opportunities for your occasional after-work flight while the airport also caters for wide body jets that bring you to more distant destinations in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Features: Highly detailed rendition of Berlin Brandenburg International Airport "Willy Brandt" (BER) Includes the older Schönefeld (SXF) airport (north of BER) with the same level of detail Includes two configs to switch between SXF and BER operation Custom animated approach lights (SAM Plugin required) All jetways animated (SAM Plugin required) Custom ground service vehicles (SAM AirportVehicles required) Compatible with SAM Colors & Seasons Numerous dynamic objects like apron vehicles High resolution day and night textures Extensive coverage of over 100 km² with high resolution aerial imagery (0.2-0.4 m/px) Realistic 3D grass and vegetation Compatible with default AI-Traffic and World Traffic 3 New in V2: Brand new highly detailed government terminal with reception area for the German Capital ‘s government VIP ‘s including presidents, premier ministers, kings and queens Updated several buildings & textures at SXF area like noise barriers, Bundespolizei-building, floodlights, Northgate car park, taxi lights, wigwags and more New Terminal 2 and other buildings recently constructed New orthophoto (2020) Reworked grass and vegetation Updated taxiway, apron and stands layout (including the brand-new taxiway G, taxiway C extension, apron 3B and more) Reworked pavement textures quality Updated taxiway signage Optimized road networks and surrounding autogen (incl. X-Europe compatibility option) Updated ATC frequencies Many small tweaks and fixes
  10. Istanbul Airport (ICAO: LTFM, IATA: IST) is the new main international airport of the city of Istanbul. It has been in operation since 2018 and ranks 1st among airports in Turkey. Istanbul Airport is located on an area of 76.5 million square meters and is intended to be a global hub between the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. The airport is located northwest of Istanbul on the Black Sea, approx. 40 km from the city center. Stairport and SceneryTR got everything out of X-Plane for this project, so of course all airport buildings were implemented and textures with PBR were used. Animated jetways, VDGS, own animated airport vehicles and much more were installed on the airport area. Compatibility with other add-ons such as Ortho4XP was also ensured. Since the airport is not available in X-Plane by default, we have also included the appropriate AIRAC data. Features: Highly detailed virtual replica of the airport buildings and its surroundings Photorealistic textures on airport buildings and vehicles Custom high resolution ground textures, detailed markings and full PBR Custom 3D Taxiway signs Animated jetways, VDGS and marshaller (SAM Plugin required) Custom animated vehicles (SAM AirportVehicles required) HDR night lighting Custom surroundings with hand placed autogen and water Realistic static aircrafts included Custom road layout Seasonal texture adaptions (SAM Plugin required) Compatible with Ortho4XP Navdata AIRAC 2104 included Note Nav data: In order for the newer nav data to be recognized by X-Plane, the “Custom Data” folder in the “Custom Scenery / SceneryTR - LTFM Istanbul - 01 - Airport / NAVDATA_AIRAC_2104” folder must be copied into the X-Plane main directory. If newer Nav data are already installed, this step is not necessary.
  11. Airport Berlin Brandenburg XP AS14603 New version: 1.0.3 New file size: 1.85 GB Version 1.0.3: - Tuned jetway configuration for better connectivity
  12. Changelog: - Added new tower model including PBR textures - Updated ground traffic to Vulkan compatibility - Added some water and wind turbines in the surroundings - Tuned autogen roads - Added custom vehicle liveries for SAM AirportVehicles
  13. Version 2.1.0


    This is the latest Software for the Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle. if you need further assistance, please check out the following videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHMP5Kj3ebA&list=PL-CM2J7huv9GsJLInEaXS71CKKU_5g3Sl System requirements: macOS (Cartalina +)
  14. Sim-wings presents the Airport Madrid with all buildings and service facilities for X-Plane 11. The aerial image covers a total surface of 400 km², and the detailed 3D models and animations bring the scenery to life. The airport Madrid-Barajas is the largest airport in Spain, the sixth-largest in Europe, and ranks number 25 in the world. Located about twelve kilometers north-east of the city, the international airport Madrid-Barajas is Europe’s most important connection to South America and the central hub for Spanish aviation. Features: Airport Madrid-Barajas with all buildings and service facilities Aerial image for the airport and its close environment (total of 400 km²) Autogen buildings and vegetation for the entire aerial image area Detailed airport buildings, terminal 4 and terminal 4 satellite with interior equipment Detailed animated jetway models (using SAM plug-in) Detailed ground markings Dynamic lighting Custom Mesh (Ortho4XP patch included) Compatible with default AI Traffic and World Traffic 3
  15. - Added legacy rendering option to fix incompatibilities with 3rd party addons - Fixed failing linux activation
  16. Changelog: Added dataref to indication jetway status (for 3rd party features) Changed activation logic for chinese customers in steam
  17. Give X-Plane a completely new, realistic look and create stunning screenshots. shadeX is an effect tuning plugin that changes the visual appearance and adds great effects by using a shader-based real-time technology. Features: Color settings: Change contrast, lift, gamma, gain, temperature and saturation Effects: Apply sepia, film grain, vignette and sharpening effects Depth of Field: Highlight/blur specific areas automatically or by full manual control Field of View: Set close up or wide-angle views Presets: Select from various presets or save your own color/effect setting User Interface: A modern and user-friendly menu with quick access to all functions + advanced settings with full control for experts Multi-Language: The plugin is available in English, German, Spanish, French (based on the X-Plane language selection) Manual: Written manual available for all languages + video tutorial covering all features in English Compatibility: Compatible with X-Plane 11.41+ (openGL and Vulkan) Compatible with Windows and Linux Effects compatible with Virtual Reality (UI not) Not compatible with Mac (not planned) A free and full-featured demo is available HERE!
  18. Your chance to fly to the "Capital of Dalmatia", the biggest city of southern Croatia! Split lies on the Croatian Adriatic coast and is located on a peninsular making the approach towards the airport scenery a pure enjoyment. Photo realistic textures, perfectly modeled buildings and objects of the airport give you a great sense of the atmosphere of this area. This airport scenery comes with a bonus of the adjacent "Resnik seaport Croatia" (LDSR) and the military base of "Divujle" (LDHD) with its helipad airport. In the X-Plane version of Split, you can already park your aircraft in front of the newly built terminal, which opened on time despite rising costs. Features: Airport Split (LDSP), "Resnik seaport Croatia" (LDSR) and the military base "Divulje" (LDHD) with its helipad airport New terminal building and parking (based on 2020) Photo realistic textures Realistic rendering of the buildings and objects on the complete airport HD ground textures including PBR Custom HDR night lighting Custom static aircrafts Custom approach lighting Animated jetways/marshaller (SAM plugin required) Custom service vehicles (SAM AirportVehicles required) Seasonal textures (SAM plugin required) Custom runway slope and mesh (Ortho4XP patch included) Compatible with default AI Traffic and World Traffic 3
  19. Version 1.0.1: • Fixed some night lightings • Updated rwy designators at Juist and Wangerooge • Improved vegetation
  20. Version 1.0.2: • New ground traffic (Vulkan ready) • Custom ground vehicle liveries (requires SAM AirportVehicles) • New customized road networks • SAM Seasons support • SAM Colors support • New vegetation • New and more water bodies • Wet surface effects • Fixed some ortho issues
  21. New version: 1.0.2 New file name: AS_SCENERY-ANIMATION-MANAGER_XPLANE11_WINDOWS-MAC-LINUX_V217.zip Für AS-Shop und Steam Version 1.0.2: - FollowMe Guidance Service on all (even default) airports - Guidance to parking positions - Guidance to runways (incl. selectable holding point)
  22. hello, new update available for the ToLiss A321. Customers can download the new fullversion via their Aerosoft shop account (instant downloads). ToLiss - Airbus A321 for XPlane 11 AS14954 New version: 1.20 (Build 1290) New file name: TOLISS_AIRBUS-321_V120_AS.zip Changes from build 1254 (V1.1) to build 1290 (V1.2) - Major new features: Support for the NEO package addon featuring the PW1100G engine and the LEAP 1A engine, including 3 new fuselage exit configurations, A321 LR and XLR fuel tank configurations, A321LR and XLR weight envelopes, accurate fuel burn and climb performance, custom TSS sounds etc. - Option to use imperial units for FMGS, weights and cabin temperatures - Complete rework of engine failure handling: ECAM actions and speed target rework, beta target added Minor new features: - Improved lateral control laws for better handling during engine failures - Added injected faults to the situation save. - Complete rework for the managed speed computation for a given CI during the climb phase - Retuning of the fuel burn for the existing engine types (IAE + CFM) - Rework of the EWD for better accuracy of the representation - Livery specific configuration items can now be done via a livery configuration file - Added support for approaches with MA route points between the MAP and the runway, like e.g. LOWI RNP-Y for Rwy 08 Bug fixes: - Fixed issue with disappearing LOC indication when flying the LOC backcourse - Fixed issues with Minimum callouts when they did not coincide with Radio altitude callouts - Fixed issue with inconsistent runway naming between procedures and scenery - Improved smart copilot synchronization of the MCDUs - Fixed a bug leading to x-plane freeze when changing runway after a go around (under certain conditions) - Hydraulic brake accumulator pressure does not change anymore when changing from yellow supply to accumulator supply without changing amount of braking - Fixed an issue with alternate flight plan loading if alternate plan is in "fms" format. - Cabin chime queue is fixed so that no chimes are lost anymore. - Corrected the logic for AC power supply to the system 1 fuel pumps. Direct supply from GEN1 now depends on the GEN 1 LINE switch as it should. - Corrected vertical guidance for LOWI RNP RWY08 approaches. (You have to make sure to be at flaps 2 when crossing WI750/WI810, the subsequent 3.77deg slope cannot be flown clean without accelerating) - ILS tracking retuning in LOC and G/S - BSCU failures now actually do something. - Limited alternate braking pressure to 1000psi - Fixes to the VOR cone of confusion model - you do not lose DME or identifier anymore - Improvements to ILS auto tuning - Standby DDRMI now uses the same datasource as the VOR/ADF needles on the ND.
  23. Hello, the new Airport Alta (ENAT) from Jo Erlend Sund, Simen Nygaard und Stairport is available for X-Plane 11. Product Page --------------- Der neue Airport Alta (ENAT) von Jo Erlend Sund, Simen Nygaard und Stairport ist für X-Plane 11 im Shop verfügbar. Produktseite --------------- SAM Plugin is required (notwendig). Infos : English: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/151811-sam2-suite/ German: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/151810-sam2-suite/
  24. Hallo, ein Nimbus - BN-2 Islander XP Update ist verfügbar. Bestandskunden können die neue Vollversion über ihr Aerosoft Shop Konto herunterladen. Nimbus - BN-2 Islander XP AS15045 Version 1.1 (November 27th 2020) -westray and papa westray airports****[ADDED] -normals nose gear****[FIXED]****no informar -check sounds with headphones on****[ADDED] -add takeoff and landing distances****[ADDED] -carbheat text normals****[FIXED] -save plane state****[ADDED] -carb temp****[FIXED] -doors open/close sounds****[ADDED] -door alarm with engines startup****[ADDED] -hole below the panel****[FIXED] -ap on with battery off****[FIXED] -ap disconnect alarm****[ADDED] -pax notices****[ADDED] -avitab****[ADDED] -Particles****[ADDED] -manipulators for all switches****[FIXED] -tune down tail vibration****[ADDED] -carb temp needle is gray****[FIXED] -icao code****[FIXED] -copilot visor****[FIXED] -carb heat label on pedestal****[FIXED] -rudder trim shadow****[FIXED] -right brakes don't degrade (or doesnt show)****[FIXED] -oil temp needle****[FIXED] -HSI GS indicator dark at night****[FIXED] -avionics too loud****[FIXED] -normal map text fuel selector****[FIXED] -anti ice not working at very low temps.****[FIXED]
  25. Hello, the following Boeing 757 (FlightFactor) Updates are available. Aerosoft Customers can download the Updates via their Aerosoft Shop Account as new fullversions. Boeing 757 V2 Professional Global Package AS14746 New version: 2.4.10 New file size: 2.3 GB Boeing 757 V2 Professional Extended AS14247 New version: 2.4.10 New file size: 2.3 GB Boeing 757 V2 Professional Modern Avionics + Boeing 757 V2 Professional Avionics Upgrade AS14745 + AS14744 New version: 2.4.10 Boeing 757 V2 Professional AS13948 New version: 2.4.10 New file size: 1.8 GB !!!THIS UPDATE IS FOR XP11 ONLY. WILL BREAK XP10 PLANE!!! note: intermediate versions not present in the changelog were beta or not public versions Changes Version 2.4.10: - added some cockpit lamps glow - added missed yaw dumper button text - added TERR OVRD button - made FLCH & VNAV_SPD ap modes sensitivity lower - a little retuned autoland to avoid possible long landing - use AMD video driver >= 20.10.1 to avoid possible displays flickering on AMD video cards - changed brake temperature logic - some fixes for lights and marching ants issues - fixed the 757-200 fuselage - fixed problems with Cross-Feed/Fuel Balancing - fixed cleaning EICAS Messages "AFT FUEL X-FEED"/"FWD FUEL X-FEED" - fixed some issues in failure scenarios logic and UI - fixed reflections of eicas displays - fixed speed trend vector in FPDS avionics - fixed unexpected engines shutdown on loading in-sim situations like on-approach with in-sim engines running checkbox checked
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