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  1. Many thanks for this Bob. I was puzzled because I had no idea there were this many FSX compatible versions. Best regards, Ken
  2. Thanks for helping Bob. The V1.31 installer that I am using has a file date of 2016 if that helps. Also, I've attached a few screen caps of the first few messages that appeared when I ran the installer. Best regards, Ken
  3. How can I determine whether my Airbuses are "Airbus X" or "Airbus X Extended" ? There must be an easy way to do this but so far I've been buffaloed ~ :) Thank you, Ken Boardman
  4. To all, I use FS Commander Version 10.0.5 with FSX Acceleration in Win 7-64. FSC starts and runs as normal; however the small intro window is remaining open and insists on being “on top” on my main monitor screen (I use two monitors). Is there some setting I can make, either in the FSC UI or in a .ini file perhaps, to force the FSC Intro window to close after FSC startup ? I looked through the FSC.ini file for a line such as “ Show_Intro=0 “ (or 1) but I found nothing similar to that. Thank you, Ken Boardman
  5. Has there been an update to add the NZFX airport to AntarcticaX and remove NZPG ? Thank you, Ken Boardman
  6. I think that I've got it mastered now ~ I was making it wayyyy more difficult than it actually is. I did not notice the "Down Arrow" in the Options Dialog that allows for switching the focus of FSFK from FSX to FS9 (or FS9 to FSX) and that Down Arrow will allow for successfully updating either of the Databases any time it becomes necessary. Recommend that a short paragraph be added early in the Users Guide, Readme file or both in plain German, English, French and Martian, etc. Reading the forums it seems I'm not the only FSFK user who has shown concern for this and had problems finding the necessary answer in the Docs'. Thanks to all who responded. Best regards, Ken Boardman
  7. Thank you for the detailed explanation Jim. You have given me much to work with and I will reply to this thread following some testing of procedures. I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but FYI I was very pleasantly surprised by how easily FSFK connects with whichever FS is started and it just adds the (FSX or FS9) log for the flight to the logbook seamlessly. FSFK even loads the correct scenery database based on which FS (FSX or FS9) has been started. My only concern was with how to properly update the databases for each Sim after a change has been made to the FSX or FS9 scenery collection. Best regards, Ken Boardman
  8. I looked through the "Help" and Readme files before uploading my questions. It's possible (though not likely) that I missed it. If you know where this info is in the files (or can find it) please tell me where. If not, please suggest where I can go for the answers. Thank you, Ken Boardman
  9. I've found that FSFK easily/automatically connects to both FSX and FS9 and seems to function perfectly; however I have a few questions: 1. Is this "by design"? 2. If "by design" how does FSFK resolve the FSX or FS9 Nav Data Bases? 3. When scenery changes are made to FSX or FS9 how do we properly update the correct FSFK Map Data Base? 4. Or, when using FSFK with both FSX and FS9 on the same PC, must FSFK be installed twice (once for FSX and again for FS9) to enable proper individual management of their Map Data Bases, etc? Many thanks for this fine program, Ken Boardman
  10. Thank you for the fast /informative response Thomas. Best regards, Ken Boardman
  11. I'm using the subject program with FSX. The hotspot button and the device have been installed into the Wilco Airbus. FS Flightkeeper is performing properly outside the simulator and the hotspot inside the sim brings up the ACARS device; however there is no presentation on the ACARS device and none of the buttons or LSKs can be pressed. All that I am able to do with the ACARS device is close it. Any suggestions on how this can be fixed? Ken Boardman
  12. Never mind >> rookie oversight. My Bahhhd !! I neglected to "Refresh" the aircraft list following installation of the FT Airbus Vol 1 Package. All is well (at this time ~ Best to all, Ken Boardman
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