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  1. I say give the MCDU a try. There are many great YouTube videos that can get you up and running in 20-30 minutes. The MCDU is what tells the aircraft where to fly and how to do it, so dumbing that down or removing it would be pretty hard. I suggest just taking the time to learn it. They are actually very simple. And once you learn one, you will understand all of them. It doesn't make sense for a developer to spend time on a complex aircraft trying to make it work without using the complex systems.
  2. I'm in the same boat. I don't have a clue where the hotfixes are or where to see a list of the current patches and notes.
  3. I agree. It's pretty much impossible to see the glideslope indicator. My ILS approaches are basically LOC approaches. Definitely needs a change.
  4. With I can neither use the battery cart or wheel chocks at all now.
  5. Thanks. Did a search and managed to miss that thread somehow.
  6. Doing a test flight after latest patch. On NAV mode the aircraft is exhibiting bizarre NAV tracking issues. When passing waypoint HSI will go full scale deflection right and aircraft will attempt to do a 40+ degree intercept. Needless to say it will blow way past centre and get a full scale deflection to the left. It will then just fish tail forever. Even if I manually fly the aircraft back on track it doesn't seem to stay on track. It will take me miles to the left or right of track. When I get closer to the waypoint it will sometimes correct me so I pass over the waypoint but then drift way off again. Watching the HSI the lateral tracking bar will sometimes jump positions like it's confused about the aircrafts actual position. New issue since patch. EDIT: Looking at the issue even more it's like the HSI is reversed. I'm far right of position but the HSI is indicating I'm far left of position. Passing another waypoint and then things seem to work properly again. Very strange.
  7. After the latest update I'm having a very difficult time changing / panning views. I'm using Chaseplane which worked perfectly before the last update. When I first load the sim everything works fine. As I start to boot up the aircraft I'm unable to slew / pan around the aircraft at all anymore. Mouse look stops working as well. If I use pan view that also stops working. Turning off Chaseplane does not seem to fix the issue. Chaseplane is working perfectly on all other aircraft. The issue seems specific to the CRJ. Even the default P3D v4 view keys are not working properly. After a few minutes I then end up getting a CTD. For the update. I did a full uninstall of the CRJ - downloaded latest installer, re-installed. - Then did another uninstall and re-install to try fix the issue. Anyone else have this issue?
  8. Not sure if I have the latest update. Just downloaded the installer a few hours ago. Where are the updates? I can't find the page.
  9. I'm trying to start the APU but am unable. Followed the tutorial, read another forum post, but here is my issue. Battery master -> ON APU PWR FUEL - > Click Then I see "DOOR CLSD" change to "DOOR ----", and then it changes back to "DOOR CLSD". I'm unable to open the APU door and therefore not able to start the APU. Any idea what's going on? UPDATE: Exited sim and restarted....Now it seems to work. I tried clicking "cold and dark" to try resetting...maybe something was gibbled.
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