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  1. In my experience it's always an intercom call initiated by the flight crew. There's also the chime button on the center console, but unfortunately nothing sounds when you click it. Would be great if that could be simulated for immersion in a future update!
  2. But that means I have to actually hand-fly the airplane at times? Oh no! I've been enjoying this product since release - appreciate the relationship between pitch and power. I think it's a great comment, Mathijs, and a good perspective. My ex was a CR7 captain with a certain US-operator and regularly told me similar scenarios. In particular, he mentioned the KDEN arrivals, with their altitude constraints were always fun. On another scenario, a late-night flight with a host of "I didn't tell you to do that" issues made for a long final leg of the day! Sometimes it just needs a good "CTL+ALT+DEL" reset on the ground.
  3. So far so good on my end as well - LNAV appears to be working and the ground equipment disconnected on this morning's departure resulting on no delays (Those were really the only 2 bugs I had with this product). Currently enroute ORD-ABQ.
  4. Ironically, came here to submit a request for GoJet as well!
  5. Forgive me if I'm having a case of the Monday's and missed it elsewhere in the forum (or perhaps at all), but are these products sold separately such as in the bullets or it is all bundled together? For example, If I own the A320 series for FSX today, and just want the A330 for P3Dv4 when it releases, will I have the option of buying just that product, or do I need to buy the entire product bundle?
  6. Thanks for your continued efforts. For what it's worth, the LNAV issue in my experience has something to do with longer distances between 2 waypoints (ie: legs > 100 nm). Other than that, the occasional ground power /chocks sticking unable to disconnect, and perhaps adding a few more sounds for immersion (ie: crew chime), I'm happy!
  7. Just wanted to share I too experience a similar issue, when in NAV mode, and the distance between legs is "long" ("long" seems to refer to > 100 NM as far as I can tell at the moment). Upon arriving at a fix where the distance is "long", the a/c wants to turn right for some reason. I then intervene and use HDG mode until I'm closer to the fix and can then use NAV mode again without issue.
  8. I think it would be cool if this was added as well. I see the FA chime button on the center panel next to the radios, but nothing sounds when it's clicked. Sounds something like this video (although it's a Dash 8):
  9. FYI, I found when using EZDOK it helpful to run the EZCA Config Tool after whenever installing the aircraft, and that helped.
  10. Understood. Thank you. Much better than the pretzel bag I was expecting Thank you.
  11. Just a few thoughts on products and ideas I would love to see in P3DV4: Aircraft: E145 and/or E175 series (with the new raked winglets, please) A CRJ200 addon for the newly released CR7/9 A B767-300ER (please...pretty please!) A B767-400ER (This is my favorite aircraft, having flown it many times. It's essentially a mix between the 767 and 777. I know it's a niche aircraft with only 2 carriers using them, and highly unlikely a developer would even consider doing this, but one can dream!) Scenery: Mega Airport: Chicago O'Hare (KORD) Mega Airport: Orlando & Theme Parks (KMCO) Mega Airport: Cancun (MMUN) Mega Airport: Mexico City (MMMX) Mega Airport: Caribbean Holiday (TLPL, TNCM, TNCA, TIST Tools: "Airline Ops Simulator." An immersive tool which can be run (say 15 minutes prior to departure) to simulate the boarding process, generate pax manifest, clear standby travelers, handle "stressful" gate situations such as oversold flights, "print paperwork" and write the weight/load data to the simulator for the pilot to simulate with. Interact with the Aerosoft load manager tools. It would be great if a tool could also be used to simulate the challenges of running an "on-time" operation by recording Scheduled Departure (sim time), Actual Departure (sim time), Takeoff, Landing, Actual Arrival (sim time) and Scheduled Arrival (sim time), and store these reliability metrics for VA's to compete against one another.
  12. Requesting another UAX livery "Operated by GoJet Airlines" Reg# N172GJ
  13. Hello - I noticed there are blocked seats in the CRJ Manager (seats with an "X" on them). Any insight on why, and are any of these settings configurable somehow (ie: Pilot and FA weights)? For example, if I want to simulate a configuration such as below? I know - super detailed, but was curious... Great product, by the way! Congrats to the team.
  14. Ironically I had the same question at first! At first reading thought "Ambient" referred to the cockpit surrounding sound (ie: avionics, fans, etc). After experimenting found that not to be the case. My guess is ambient = engine, avionics = the cockpit fans, etc, and cabin refers to the announcements? For what it's worth, I found I had to load the aircraft, tweak the sounds, then reload the aircraft again to notice any changes.
  15. Speaking of wing views, I was surprised to somehow see EZDOK automatically had a configuration when I installed the aircraft. However, the exterior aircraft views don't seem to load the aircraft texture and the flaps are missing. Only the ailerons are visible and move, but no flaps. Not sure if it is an ezDok issue or not.
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