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  1. Ironically, came here to submit a request for GoJet as well!
  2. Just a few thoughts on products and ideas I would love to see in P3DV4: Aircraft: E145 and/or E175 series (with the new raked winglets, please) A CRJ200 addon for the newly released CR7/9 A B767-300ER (please...pretty please!) A B767-400ER (This is my favorite aircraft, having flown it many times. It's essentially a mix between the 767 and 777. I know it's a niche aircraft with only 2 carriers using them, and highly unlikely a developer would even consider doing this, but one can dream!) Scenery: Mega Airport: Chicago O'Hare (KORD) Mega Airport: Orlando & Theme Parks (KMCO) Mega Airport: Cancun (MMUN) Mega Airport: Mexico City (MMMX) Mega Airport: Caribbean Holiday (TLPL, TNCM, TNCA, TIST Tools: "Airline Ops Simulator." An immersive tool which can be run (say 15 minutes prior to departure) to simulate the boarding process, generate pax manifest, clear standby travelers, handle "stressful" gate situations such as oversold flights, "print paperwork" and write the weight/load data to the simulator for the pilot to simulate with. Interact with the Aerosoft load manager tools. It would be great if a tool could also be used to simulate the challenges of running an "on-time" operation by recording Scheduled Departure (sim time), Actual Departure (sim time), Takeoff, Landing, Actual Arrival (sim time) and Scheduled Arrival (sim time), and store these reliability metrics for VA's to compete against one another.
  3. Requesting another UAX livery "Operated by GoJet Airlines" Reg# N172GJ
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