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  1. Since posting uninstalled envtex and improves with default shaders . A little bit more testing and with or without envtex the EFB dims at dawn and dusk . Envtex makes it worse but not sure it is the root cause . Default I see the same thing but a bit more readable . Unfortunately I tend to set up flight at dawn because that when I like to depart.
  2. I was only guessing Hans , I have seen this on other planes not all and believe to be a pro atc issue . Using plan g to initially flick radio channels works for me .
  3. The problem is pro atc does not detect the change in channel . I use Plang to change my frequency then it works from there . Something in the way the crj outputs via simconnect I guess.
  4. Finding the EFB unreadable at night brightness on full and I use envtex if any bearing ok in daylight. This is on P3D V5 HF2
  5. Yes on 2004 and helps a lot as long as you have not crazy vram in the plane you are flying 1024 textures are not high settings. Hopefully our airbus will be great trying out the open beta of the 717 terrified the hell out of me absolutely unusable with less than an 11gig vram card . To there credit it is a beta and believe working on issues .
  6. Hi Masterhark my main concern is for 8gig cards but I am sure the more info aerosoft have the better .
  7. Mathijis hope the beta testers are checking VRAM real problem for RTX 2080 8 gig owners . Please keep it light. If all the tests are done on TI cards us lighter card holders will be clobbered and airbus will unusable .Please make it usable PMDG 747 level of vram fine please no more. I cannot adjust any lower. My use case is VR. VR is fantastic on V5 if the VRAM is mangeable, It can be done . I have beta tested for aerosoft and happy to try out and give warning if going to cause a problem.
  8. I have had 2 CTD during wind request may be related sure it was before
  9. Just checked after installing Stable Update and seems to be working ok now in VR Thanks
  10. Mathis seeing the same issue in VR turn your head and loose cockpit lighting , look straight and OK . It is related to Dynamic lighting disable and OK . Unfortunately no dynamic no lighting no taxi lights . So will have to wait for a fix from you guys . Tried at Orbx EGPH will try elsewhere to see if airport dependent.
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